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Coca-Cola No Caffeine
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Coke Zero better
My husband bought this instead of our usual coke zero. We noticed the difference immediately. It doesn't taste as nice as coke zero but it has the bonus of no caffeine which will be good for some people. We will stick to coke zero, our favourite.
It The Best
It test really nice. You can't tell the difference between the original.
Coca Cola
This product doesn't taste bad at all, tastes similar to coke light. Very sweet for me.
Diet coke
When we bought it we were a bit sceptical. But when we tried it we were happy with this product. It tasted like coke. We really liked it.
Best ever tasted
I'm not a fan of coke but coke no sugar taste good it does not have after taste like other drink with no sugar THANK YOU COCA-COLA
Great taste without the kj's!
Most sugar free cooldrinks are awful but Coke has got it right! My husband and Step-Son both say this one tastes great in a Brown Cow (Milk and Coke eeek yuck!). Got a great deal from PnP last week and got two bottles for R30 so we had Coke all weekend :)
Coke has its own tatse you can't take the sugar out its just not good as the original. My father in law didn't like it aswell and he's huge on the no sugar due to diabetes. Will stick to the zero sprite
I enjoy the new coke, it doesn't leave that aftertaste like coke lite. As a diabetic we use coke lite or zero when we have ketones. The zero caffeine is great coz I need to drink it before I sleep. Coke zero use to keep me up
new coke
i have tried this and i enjoyed it... well done Coca-Cola.
Someone thought of us
Yes, not the original tasting one, but for those who have diabetes, this is just great:)
Coke no sugar
Best ever no sugar coke i have tried. I only enjoy the whole bottle by myself. No one else like it in my house
Coke no sugar
No cooldrink can beat the original coke . Government should lift the sugar tax as customers are still buying coke with sugar . People in South Africa loves sugar . And they have not stopped
No Sugar + No Caffeine = Guilt free
In terms of calories and zero side effects I love it, it is often unlikely that the sweeteners will be harmful.
So Sugar Coke
I was not expecting it to taste as good as it did. As most sugar-free drinks aren't as good but this one was great it still has the coke taste but with less sugar really good. I recommend this drink.
This is a very good product, a little bit pricey but still good, it is a must in my trolley every week, it goes quickly and the whole family enjoys it, I will keep on buying this for my family as they all love it

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