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Colgate  Active Salt Toothpaste
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True to its name
The saltiness is overwhelming. I always try new flavors on my favourite products but the salt on this one is just a bit much.
It's the best
This is a great toothpaste for plaque and stains.it also helped my husband's mouth heal faster because of the salts because he had a extraction done
This product works great although the salty taste is one to get used to. What I liked most was having my mouth feel super clean. There's nothing better that a bery clean mouth!
Effective and affordable. Also readily available at any store
I just love Colgate!
Colgate's salt toothpaste is my new favorite toothpaste. It keeps your mouth tasting fresh and clean for longer than some other varieties. After brushing with Colgate salt it feels like my mouth is cleaner than with other toothpaste varieties. It is definitively my first choice for toothpaste.
colgate salt toothpaste
now this is a great product the salt really cleans everything and leave a wonderful taste in the mouth, the smoothness and the assurance that it works, would recommend it to others
Colgate Salt
Love using this toothpaste. Makes your mouth and teeth feel fresh and clean. Also great that kids can use this toothpaste.
Great Colgate
This a great toothpaste for plaque and bad breath and it also cleans in between teeth well
I only buy this toothpaste,as it works wonders for me,the active salt is great for getting rid of stains and plaque on the teeth,also helps promote sore gums,I had a tooth extraction,and with brushing with this toothpaste it healed up much quicker than my previous one,also it does not taste like salt at all,it is fresh and minty,and will never change from this product ever.
Colgate active salt
Easy to use not messy at all especially for the children who has a tendency of not screwing the cap back on great product 👍🏻
Was interesting
Salt in toothpaste, interesting combination. Received this to try before it was out in the market. Was an interesting taste, not too bad, but prefer their whitening products instead.
Colgate Salt
Just started using this product, so far so good... nice clean and fresh feeling.
Colgate active salt
Only 4 stars for simple reason...the taste...however I believe salt is best healer in everything,and keeps germs clear!
Colgate Activ Salt
I absolutely love this toothpaste and always buy one with my other Colgate toothpaste. This is my favorite toothpaste brand. I normally buy Colgate, but wish that all the caps can be like this one, it's not screw on, it's preferred when you have young kids, especially boys, they all impatient
Dont like the taste, good concept though as salt actually whitens teeth

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