3,3 5 0 139 139 New Colgate Optic White effectively whitens teeth and freshens breath.
Colgate: Optic White Daily Mouthwash
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Teeth seems brighter immediately after brushing but effect lasts just as long. Breath smells fresh for a few hours.
Colgate Optic White
Excellent mouth wash.You really feel the freshness much longer when used. I really like it.
Bad taste
I am really not fond of this mouth water.. I don't feel my breath fresh after it.. The only thing that this mouth wash does is leave an after taste in my mouth which is also not great
it's just fine
This product is not so popular for me. it doesn't really give me the effect i want from a mouthwash. it's a bit too mild.
Not so wonderful
i found that this product works and but for long during the day. Therefore one finds so product cheaper and work the same.
Not the best yet
it is not a great product for me. The taste was not the best and it tastes thick and does not give me that burning sensation.
my all time favorite teeth whitening brand. i absolutely love Colgate optic teeth whitening mouth wash. its just the perfect last step i need to make my teeth extra white. love it.
This is a great product to improve the appearance of your teeth and keep your breath fresh!
Tried this product after seeing it on this club. Unfortunately, it is not a great product for me. The taste was horrible and does not give me that burning sensation. Will go back to Listerine instead until I find something else with a great fresh minty taste.
I use this daily. My favorite mouth wash. Smells great.
i love every colgate product , but the best is this one ,
im a smoker and I work in environment where I deal with clients all day every day and I feel that you should be able too look after your teeth and protect them from getting stained and not only with work environment but every where you go should make good impression and for lady your best asset is your smile and it easy and quick to use and it very useful and not only leaving your teeth pearl white but gives amazing breath
We use this mouth wash daily. Its ideal for the entire family.
I have tried it but I did not love it, wont use it again
This is a big thumbs up product. It finishes off the cleanliness after you done your teeth and it isn`t harsh like most others. My 8 year old uses it too

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