4,4 5 0 104 104 The first and only family toothpaste with unique Sugar Acid Neutraliser that directly helps reduce sugar acids in plaque.
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Extra protection
I could really feel that there was an extra protection from sweet things because I have a sweet tooth and I know it affects my dental health and this really helped
White and bright
Colgate is definitely one of my favourites,its fresh,its cheap,its good for sensitive teeth/gums like mine and the fact that it had different flavours is my favourite :) I always keep the mini colgate tubes in my bag for emergancy :)
Colgate sugar acid relief
Its good and it works and it has a gentle taste to it. I feel it works really well when you brush after meals and i would absolutely recommend this product to anyone who wouldnt mind checking out something new
Love the taste and feel after each brush. The clean feel lasts very long.
Long term results
One cannot rate this product based on short term use. Overall taste, texture- Yes, however this has to be used over a period of time to be able to give a proper review. So 3/5 for taste & texture.
Not bad
My family and i are currently using this toothpaste. It doesnt seem bad at all. Although, i am yet to fully understand its effect on my teeth but i believe it is a good product.
This is our regular toothpaste, it was recommended by our dentist and we will never buy another brand again.
My dentist referred me to this on and Absolutely love it & won't change toothpaste :)
Very good toothpaste, makes my mouth feel super fresh and I can feel the quality effect on my teeth.
this product is an absolute must for me!! I have endless problems with my teeth and no enamel to protect them! when my dentist recommended it i expected it to be expensive so when i found it and saw hoe reasonable it was i was skeptical but i cannot wax lyrical enough about this tooth paste!! Less sensitivity and helps whitening too!!
I no longer purchase Colgate toothpaste . It seems to leave a very bad aftertaste in your mouth. Even my kids refuse to use Colgate now. A bit skeptical about the product
My family only uses colgate. We tried this one, can be a but pricey but then one don't compromise on your teeth. I like it as my daughter has a real sweet tooth.
I have tried the Colgate Sugar and Acid Neutraliser toothpaste it is excellent my son is a diabetic and he uses it often.
I like this product it makes brushing teeth fun. ..kids love it
i like it as it help with my cavity problems i am diebetic

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