Coty Whisper Deodorant

4,8 5 0 356 356 Whisper is a catalyst for inner confidence, strength, and identity; for the woman who is driven by her inner voice. She is self-aware, her own cheerleader - she decides who she wants to be.
Coty Whisper Deodorant


Received as a gift. Smells great and long lasting.
Whisper Body Spray
Smells great and long lasting. Both myself and my twenty two year old daughter use it. Not too harsh will definitely recommend it.
Smell so good
It smells so good, it leaves my skin smell so clean and fresh.
Smell like royalty
Love the smell of whisper. Makes me feel fresh and full of lovelyness.
I buy my two teenage daughters this all the time! They love it, and all the varieties they come in. Very affordable, with a lovely fragrance
All time favourite
Still one of my go to scents that is still fairly easy going on the wallet. Not to sweet not too musky. Scent leaves you feeling refreshed and sexy!
Whisper perfume
I love it a lot, each time I do my shopping it's always on my shopping list. It smells nice on me and it's not that expensive. I recommend it to many people because the it smells good.
I love the Pink Whisper, it smells sweet and the fragrance lasts long, even after exercising. I will recommend this!
Smells sweet
I love the smell of this spray, it's last long and I often get compliments on how good I smell, the spray sometimes stays on even after I have washed my clothes it's amazing and busts my confidence
Always use it in the morning
I always use it in the morning after bath and you feel fresh the holiday,it will smell nice the hole body the hole day.i like their products.i always buy two every moths
pleasant smell
i love the scent, it is not too heavy, just perfect.
Best body spray
Nothing beats having to use the fragrance you love after taking a bath,whisper body spray has been my new best friend,I stockpile on these because I never want to run out...I love in cashmere🖤
Love it
Love this product, the fragrance is amazing, soft and clean. Totally love it.
Very good to all skin type
It is very good and it give u fredh smell all the day it keeps u dry noo sweating at all and l love the smell
Try it
We’ll we all know Coty is good and it’s a brand we know I feel like with these you need to spray twice a day not once kunch time you won’t smell it. I would recommend it before it’s affordable

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