Coty Whisper Deodorant

4,8 5 0 378 378 Whisper is a catalyst for inner confidence, strength, and identity; for the woman who is driven by her inner voice. She is self-aware, her own cheerleader - she decides who she wants to be.
Coty Whisper Deodorant


I love the long lasting fragrance it has.A little sprits goes a long way no matter how busy the day is.This is my daughter and I fav
Clean smell
This is a very nice body deodorant/spray. I fell in love with it the first time I used it
I absolutely love this spray. Mainly because of how I constantly get compliments when I wear it, which boosts my confidence. I mean who doesn't like to be told they smell good?
Smells good
Long lasting fragrance, I love it a lot. I used it while I was in high school and I still use it. It's not expensive at all
Smells Great
I have used these before and they smell great, also non expensive
Very lasting fragrance, smell good bought it to my daughter she love it
Cory Whisper Deodorant
Absolutely amazing it's smell so good. And last more than 24hrs ILove it
Top product
Long lasting fragrance. Definitely a classic
Fragrance Guru
The original whisper spray is phenomenal and a well known brand as every time I wear it in public someone will say "you have whisper on right?" I would recommend this spray to every woman as it smells nice on anyone.
Coty Whisper.
Out of all the body sprays I have used in the past, Coty Whisper's fragrance seems to last for many hours on my clothing and body. I get compliments about the fragrance all the time when I use it!
Coty whisper body spray
Smells amazing. Great product and beautiful packaging.
whisper coty deodorant
i used the pink one and i love it the smell stay for long and others smell you and it has a soft smell and clean no i like the new packaging
I love the original. The scent last all day and is my signature scent. I only buy this.
Love the black!
The black one has a fresh feel fragrance! Fragrance also lasts which is awesome! Give it a try, you will love it.
love the pink bottle
love the pink bottle, scent last all day !

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