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Crosse & Blackwell Burger Mayonnaise
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Kids Love It
I am not a big fan, but sometimes it is not about my preference. My kids who are 13 and 10 tried this with me and fell in love. I have been in the catering and restaurant industry for 24 years and normally create my own burger sauce on our burger nights. Now I have to compete with C&B on these nights. So I could be petty and rate this low, but something that has my kids craving for more and choose something over my cooking should be rated well. I bow my head in defeat.
Very tasy
Now this mayonnaise for burgers just compliment a home made burger it makes it very delicious burger
Its taste better on my potato salads and other salads like coslaw, I use it on my burgers and as salad dressing
Cross & Blackwell
a real difference to any Burger Delicious on Chips too. Something different to the ordinary topping sauce.
Burger Mayo
Tastes great on burgers and in potato salad. No added sauces needed
crosse and blackwell
this mayonnaise is just awesome for burgers and braai meat, the taste is so great just put it on all and everything that needs some taste, no improvement to be done, would recommend it to all
Its is a creamy wonderful product not only good on burgers. You can use it one lots of different foods and cook with it. No improvements needed. I would recommend it to everyone.
What a awesome mayooo ayoba and i can use in every type of food
Crosse & Blackwell Burger Mayonnaise
Wow what awesome Burger relish. My family uses this on EVERYTHING and when its finished there is trouble. Its smooth and creamy and goes with everything. BEST MAYO EVER. i already recommend it to all my friends
simply delicious! can be used in a variety of ways - as a sauce and marinade for meats!
My kids love this
I use this for my kids lunch box, they love it so much.
Delicious Mayo
We have tried it on Burgers, chicken sandwiches, instead of standard mayo in mashed eggs, as dips and tastes great on all.
Its so yummy and tangy, I enjoyed it on my burger and sandwiches.
It's worth your money. It has a very nice taste. Takes away that sour Mayo taste.I buy this and I don't regret it
This is the best. I love Crosse & Blackwell mayo so i decided to try this and wasn't disappointed. It goes well with everything. The taste is excellent

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