Dawn Black + White anti perspirant

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Dawn Black + White anti perspirant


No residue on clothing
Bought this as I wear majority black clothes, no residue on my clothes ad kept fresh whole day.
Under arms controller,
Perfect for every outfit, no sweat, no dryness and perfect smell
They could do better
I recently started using it's so far I am not impressed at all It does smell nice and all but does not last that long I think they should one strong enough for people Who sweat a lot
Dawn black anti perspirant
My daughter is using it all dawn product smell so good and last longer
Good quality
I recently bought this product and I think it's a good product and the price is reasonable. I would recommend it.
dawn black-white anti-perspirant
i used dawn as a young girl it was the cheapest roll on but it was good for me i liked it because i dident smell i love the smell it kept me dry yes i will definatly do that but i only found it at wholesaler not im the shops
I love this roll on.. Does not last me as long but love the smell
Product I have been waiting for
I really like this product simply because I don't itch after shaving nor developing boils. Highly highly recommend it to everyone who has not use it yet. I am happy
Dawn black and white roll on
Had a problem with dark stains under the arms by my clothes, No more since trying this. its a must buy
Dont like it. Cant use it. Makes me sweat and smelly... feel sticky. Dont feel 'protected'. I prefer Dove! Nothing keeps you dry like the original blue lid Dove.
Love it
I love dawn roll on. I love the fact that it's affordable and lives you smelling nice. Although i feel like it's not suitable for active people. I would recommend for people who don't have busy days.
Smells Good
It was my first time and a bit hesitant. I am not a fan of trying new products especially regarding my under arms. But Dawn for women worked for me but not for a long period of time during hot days! I WOULD RECOMMEND IT FOR WINTER
Dawn Black + White anti perspirant
Dawn Black + White anti perspirant quite surprised me with this one, i used it a few times great results...no discolors, I'm a very active individual and I must say dawn kept up pretty well
No more stains
Keeps one dry for the duration of the day and odour free without being embarrassed by unsightly stained clothes. The unscented deodorant doesn't clash with one's perfume.
Issa No from the Judges
Unfortunately for me personally the product isn't worth the buck. Doesn't keep you dry and thus you begin to perspire quickly and odour sets in. The drying time after application takes a while. Left me unimpressed

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