4,5 5 0 55 55 Provides up to 48-hours of freshness. Apply as needed and feel comfortable day and night.
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Love it
Great product especially if you’re a very active person and want to avoid being smelly all day. Keeps you feeling fresh for hours!
Get it!!!
Soooo fresh smelling. Leaves my underarms feeling cool and dry. I love the after effect feeling. It's a great product for the upcoming summer days.
Such a fresh smell
I love the freshness smell especially when I've just gotten out of the shower on a hot day, the roll on lasts the whole day and I can be assured that I smell great the whole day
Dawn Forever Fresh Roll-on
The new Dawn Forever Fresh Roll-on is smooth and has a long lasting fragrance and freshness all day. There should be no improvements to this product. I would definitely recommend this to all ladies.
Dawn Roll-on
It keeps fresh and dry all day. The price is affordable and it goes a miles away. It saves me more cash in my pocket looking into the current financial status of affordability.
Forever Fresh
I have been using this for the past few months. Seeing that it's warmer now I've really seen the "Forever Fresh". No odour during the course of the day. Really the product to buy.
Great product
This is a great product at a very affordable price
Forever fresh
48 hours of no sweat and bad odour. Fresh forever and free to hug friends
Forever fresh yes
Its all in the name,love the smell,keeps me dry and scented,its not pricy and very affirdable,i recomend this to all ♡
Dawn roll-on
I was surprised to find this product on the shelf at the selling price which is much cheaper than the other roll-one. I quite like the texture and fragrance and it held it's freshness all day long.
Beautiful smell
It's smell very nice and I feel good and fresh all day I can recommend this product to other people's it's good,hope all shops has thank you
Dawn Forever Fresh
It really keeps me fresh and confident all day long. It has energetic fresh smell. Ready for hot summer days with dawn forever fresh.
No smell
Very comfortable and smell very nice. I feel fresh all day long
Dawn Forever Fresh
Good product - keep you fresh and dry. takes long to dry on body
All day freshness!
Great smell kept me dry all Day! Smell didn't fade throughout the Day!

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