Deep Heat Arnica Massage Oil

4,6 5 0 107 107 It is used for the temporary relief of stiffness and pain in muscles, joints and tendons.
Deep Heat Arnica Massage Oil


works like a bomb
my hubby told me about this when i got hurt at gym and it really helped with the muscle ache, fast absorbent and not greasy
Works like wonders
This product works really well in relieving back pain and tension.
Arthritis pain
My grandmother has arthritis and frequently asks me to rub this on her neck and back to help ease the pain. I've found that it helps ease both muscle and joint pain. This is a product that you'll always find in our bathroom cupboard. Would definitely recommend
#Oil for the mind#
It fantastic product from Deep peet. Really helps me and my family we suffer we migraines so it really does the job. Arnica is a natural product. 10/10
Deep heat Arnica
quite like this product, it is my go to product for sore and stiff muscles. it works quite well to relieve sore and stiff muscles and I would recommend it.
Always stocked in the bathroom cupboard
Cannot live without this in my household Perfect for those joint pains especially after climbing stairs whole day at work Instant relief from the moment it is rubbed onto the paining area
Great for muscle relief and relaxation
I am a physiotherapist and enjoy using this massage oil to prevent friction during treatment. The smell has proven to be quite therapeutic as well.
On my bedside table
Hubby and I both suffer of muscle spasms. Once you use this it works almost immediately and the heat of the oil stays for a while. *Maybe dont use before bedtime, it dirtys the bedding a bit. *
Heat Really goes deep
I have this on my bedside I usually have swollen and aching feet I use it and it feels like I've soaked my water in hot water as it soothes. It leaves hands sticky to be expected but would recommend it
Joint and muscle relief
This is a good product for stiff joints and strained muscles. I have a bad knee and locked scapula so my husband would rub this in. Its great because it doesn't dry before the massage is finished. But the effects are not long lasting. but any relief is better than none.
body pains
my mom uses it every night when she feels pains after a tough day from garden chores. she always recommend it to me but i am scared of using it due to i feel lot of heat after using it. but it works miraculously, my mom's favorite
Best pain reliever
Ths product is a must In the household Feels warm when you apply it to the area where you feel pain. In a few minutes you will feel a sense of relaxation in the muscle.
deep heat anica oil
i've been using this product for sometime it is easily applied onto the skin where their is pain it gives you relief within few minutes it also heats up and you find relief from the pain its a great product to keep in your dispensary cupboard and i will recommend this product its a must have at home . instant pain relief to sore aches and pain in the muscles
Good but leaves a smell on hands
I am a regular gym attendee, and as such I suffer from sore muscles when I overtrain, this Deep Het with Arnica definitely helps to relieve my sore muscles the only thing I dislike about it is that it leaves a smell on my hands, but so do other products, otherwise it works very well.
Deep Heat Arnica
Suffering from an autoimmune and on those day with muscle pain and spasm, Deep Heat arnica always relieves the pain very quick

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