4,5 5 0 93 93 <p>Denny Curry Sauce combines fresh, authentic ingredients with added convenience, serving home-made flavour and delectable aromas in no time. A quick, easy and healthy alternative for weeknight family meals, they contain no added MSG, preservatives, artificial colourants or flavourants.</p>
Denny® Cook In Sauce
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Love it
Im s big fan of cook in sauce and cant recommend this enough. Makes my food taste delicious and cooking easy.
Denny cook in sauce turns bland into grand. My family love it.
Awesome taste
The whole family loves it! Always in our monthly shopping trolly
I have and do use many of these cook in sauces. Butter chicken and the pepperdew are my top favourites. I also do a combination of 2 flavours if the sauce is too sharp. I get a lot of compliments on these meals and always have a variety in stock,
Cooking Sauce mmmmm
Denny Cooking sauce is great for me to get the fresh taste cooking sauce.Full flavor and great curry taste. I like the full range of Denny cooking sauce.
I find the sauce is too thick and needs to be thinned with milk, but once that it is done it is quite good.
Oooooh...lala...this make a miracle to dishes and I will most definitely recommend it.
I loved using the Rogan Josh its easy to make and makes your food nice and sacy
i have tried the Peppadew sause a few times when i make a seafood pot, and it is absolutely devine, just have a problem cant seem to find it in our stores anymore and there is nothing that can replace that sauce with my seafood.
I just love the Thai Green Curry flavour - it's a regular in my cupboard!
Denny cook in sauces always a quick alternative to making sauce
Its and awesome product, quick and easy, especially when you're a working mom. Supper is ready in no time :-)
I absolutely love this product. is easy to use and makes any dish delicious.
love the product and works for me, quick and easy to use.
this is one of the best products one could ask for. It is so easy to use, time saving and just adds that great taste to food. Will recommend this to anyone

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