4,7 5 0 147 147 It kills 99.9% of germs, removes tough stains, leaves your place sparkling shine and it has long lasting fragrance.
Dettol 4in1 Disinfectant Floor and All Purpose Cleaner
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Works like a charm
I purchase this on a regular basis. It smells great, lifts dirt easily and keeps the tiles looking shiny.
Great product
Absolutely love this product, besides it being a tried and tested brand for years, it also disinfect so there is no need for me to buy a disinfect product and it leave my home smelling clean and fresh all day
Dettol is like Sunlight & Dove - No1 for a reason
So Dettol has been around for as long as i can remember and they too like Sunlight and Dove just keeps expanding their range and not compromising quality for higher profits. This specific cleaner doesnt make the tiles sticky or slippery and leaves a nice lasting smell.
I bought this product last week for the first time,I must say I'm very happy I did buy it as it's a good product,it cleans my surfaces and floors in a way I never thought and I will definitely buy it again
Great product
My favourite cleaner as I believe in the disinfecting power of Dettol, leaves my tiles clean and fresh smelling. Always on my monthly shopping list.
This can be used to disinfect your toilet aswell. it smells great and fresh
Very Good
This leaves your house smelling great no matter how much you use.
Great clean
I love this floor cleaner it leaves my floors clean and smelling beautiful
I expected a whole lot from this product given that it is from Dettol. I was very disappointed. It does not cut through any stickiness on tiles nor does it leave that long lasting lemon fresh smell.
All in cleaner
I've been purchasing Detol 4 in 1 cleaner for a couple of years now , and it is still top of the range for me. I love how versatile this product is and i use it everywhere at home , it works prefect for the kitchen, oven, stove and counters and is equally impressive in the bathroom. It leaves my taps and shower sparkling. The long lasting fragrance is a bonus and i love the that it disinfects and kills germs at the same time. Also perfect for any one moving into a new home , using Detol 4 in 1 will make sure your new home is germ free from any previous occupants , really a brilliant product overall.
This product not only cleans very well, it smells great too and disinfects at the same time. I would really recommend this product and the pricing is affordable too and is great for cleaning all types of floors
Every house must have this product
Not only does it smell amazing, it works like a bomb. It cleanse nicely and tough stains is not a challenge for this amazing product. As a mother you can have peace of mind when your house is cleaned with this amazing product.
Quality, Price, Effectiveness - overall, this is a great product
Cleans and smells great
I love this stuff because I know it gets rid of the germs and also smells amazing.
Cleans and smells good
It takes dirt quick from the floors and leaves a very nice smell behind. floors looks clean and smell lasts long. no improvement needs to be made as the product is worth the money.

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