4,7 5 0 209 209 It kills 99.9% of germs, removes tough stains, leaves your place sparkling shine and it has long lasting fragrance.
Dettol 4in1 Disinfectant Floor and All Purpose Cleaner
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Dettol 4in1
Best product it keeps the house smelling fresh and clean, I feel great after using it daily in the house, no changes should be made its best like that, I recommend it to everyone
Smelling good!
I use this on all surfaces of my home. Leaves the whole house smelling so fresh and clean. Absolutely love this.
Product smell and cleans amazingly. Changed about 4 months ago and this is my go to product
Love it
Perfect for a house full of kids like mine😁 leaves the floor shiny and the house smelling fresh... I don't even worry when they play on the floor.
Thi brand never disappoint. It cleans and leave the house smelling so good. A little expensive though
Dettol 4 in 1 disinfectant floor & all purpose cleaner
Since i used this product was recommended to be used during Corona pandemic, i never stopped using it. Its 99.9 % germ killers. Its leaves pleasant smell in the house and leave the floor shines. I also cleans door handles and my kids toys.
Lovely citrus smell
I love anything with a citrus scent, and this has the added benefit of germ killing dettol and clean floors :) great product!
Office use
This product is amazing. Since the pandemic, my boss has requested that I only use these products for the office. It smells great too. I would love to use it in my home as well.
Great Product
Love using the Dettol as it removes tough stains on my floors and bathrooms leaving them looking sparkling and smelling fresh. I would definitely recommend it.
Love this product
its a good product and it smells amazing, helps keeps my floors clean while protecting my little one from germs& it has a long lastibg frangrance.
Clean and Fresh
Removes stains and smells fresh. I use it on my tiles, table tops and counter tops. It is long lasting we normally smell it for hours on end. People normally ask what airfreshener I use and they don't believe me when I tell them its my floor cleaner.
Best floor cleaner
Using this product for years. Love it, excellent smell & excellent cleaning. Highly recommended
Dettol Floor Cleaner
Amazing product for the floors counter tops fridge bathroom bedroom you name it its perfect for disinfecting of just giving you house a great clean. It leaves windows sparkling clean and your house with an fresh aroma.
3 in 1
Not only does this floor cleaner disinfect the floors it also leave my porcelain tiles looking and smelling great, i will highly recommend this product.
dettol floor wash
i have used this before, lovely fresh smell. recommend this

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