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Dettol Disinfectant Power Bathroom Cleaner Ocean Fresh
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i like using all dettol products i like that they put this in a combo deal with kitchen cleaner
Dettol bathroom
I am pretty particular about keeping our bathroom clean and hygienic all the time. The Dettol bathroom spray really does a good job because it is so quick and easy to use. I don't have to scrub and rescrub to keep my bathroom clean. It's just a few sprays and wipes of the Dettol to keep my bathroom clean
Great bathroom cleaner
It does not just clean and disinfect your surfaces in your bathroom it also leaves it smelling fresh, i will highly recommend this product.
Best Bathroom Cleaner
I love how Dettol Bathroom cleans killing 99.9% of germs 🦠! It makes ones bathroom smell super fresh and leaves tiles , toilet, shower and bath super shiny and clean!
I found that the product worked well. Like the fresh smell and the easy spray mechanism. I liked that it was not harsh on my hands and I could use it all bathroom surfaces. A good quality product that lasts.
This stuff works wonders on grime and gringe, i spray it on and leave for a few mins then come and clean. Works wonders.
awesome product to use, such a beautiful bottle as well, and it certainly helps with all the cleaning and because of the name dettol disinfects all the germs, knowing your health is in a good place, would recommend it to others
Dettol Disinfectant Power Bathroom Cleaner Ocean Fresh
This product makes cleaning the bathroom very convenient. I love the fact that all you do is just spray and wipe. The smell is so strong it leaves the whole bathroom smelling fresh and nice. I love it.
The only thing I clean my bathroom with
Not only does it have an awesome and clean smell, it cleans like a charm. I works really well. I will highly recommend it.
Does the job
Dettol is always a favourite cleaning item. Gets the job done and has a nice smell.
I REALLY LOVE ALL OF DETTOL'S PRODUCTS! Its quick and easy to use removes all the soap scum and its smells great! Highly recommended!
Super clean
I use this for my shower, it works super fast and leaves my shower, shower tray, sink and tiles super clean. Removes Staines almost immediately. Love this product
clean & fresh
ive tested Dettol Disinfectant Power Bathroom Cleaner and love that it can clean away stubborn soap scum and a bonus of a nice clean fresh smell left behind is great
Cleans well & smells good
Very happy with this multi-use product. Does what you need it too and smells good, but not over-powering or too chemical.
Dettol Disinfectant Power Bathroom Cleaner Ocean Fresh
This product is life changing in the bathroom, the freshness and the odor left behind is simply amazing.

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