4,9 5 0 199 199 A delicious dark & velvety premium Arabica & Robusta, extra creamy cappuccino.</p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/dolce-gusto-cappucino-intenso.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Dolce Gusto Cappucino Intenso
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Dolce Gusto
I absolutely enjoy the coffee, it's delicious and creamy... Oh! And it smells soooo nice. Definitely the best.
Morning glory
As a cappuccino lover I don't always have time to buy from coffee shops, this comes in handy
Delicious Creamy cappuccino.
This delicious Creamy cappuccino, is top notch! Quick an easy to use. It has all flavors needed early in the morning.
Brilliant coffee
Bought this for my dad this Christmas. He loves the intense flavour. He loves his coffee and he said this was perfect
Best cappuccino 😍😍
Absolutely love the taste and aroma. Best buy for sure!!!!!!!!
Best Buy
I decided to invest in the DC coffee maker because I love my coffee. Best bu ever. I love the different flavors taste just like in the coffee shop.
Best coffee
I love coffee and this is by far the best coffee investment I have ever made. The smell and taste of the beans make it taste like a coffee shop which we cannot currently visit due to COVID.
Nescafe dulco gusto cappuccino
With covid making us limit movements and visits to our favourite coffee spots. Hubby bought these capusles and at 1st I wasn't sure if would match up to my favourite cappuccino from my favorite coffee shop and I must say I was blown away. The taste and aroma just so satisfying
Dolce Gusto pods
Love my DC coffee maker and love the pods even more! Quick and easy delicious coffee in minutes
Excellent product
This is what we use at work And now I've purchase at home Easy to operate and not timd consuming Taste is good I would say 70 % I think so flavors are not my tupe
Coffee at work!
When I’m at work, this is the only cappuccino that I drink, delicious, creamy, golden brown and tasty. Brightens my day ahead 😍
I absolutely LOOOVE coffee. This by far was the best I've ever had. Definitely had a tumbs up from me.
Drink for royals
I literally had one last night. The subtle. Creamy. Richness taste gives a great end to any bad day. Not forgetting the pretty layers it creates as it comes out the machine.
A happy customer
Still the best so far for me. It's been two years since i started using it
Smooth coffee
I love my coffee, the taste of this one is just too smooth and perfect and very strong if you love strong coffee.

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