4,9 5 0 96 96 A delicious dark & velvety premium Arabica & Robusta, extra creamy cappuccino.</p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/dolce-gusto-cappucino-intenso.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Dolce Gusto Cappucino Intenso
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Dulce gusto
CANNOT do without my dulce gusto machine. I love these pods especially, extra tasty extra fragrant
This will change your life!!
Oh my gosh my day has to start with coffee...and not just any coffee..has to be Dolce Gusto. My family love all the flavours however my best is the Cappucino Intenso. Try it...this will make your day!!
If you are a cappuccino lover but also love your strong coffee this is a must have in your home. Creamy and strong yummy!
Great stuff
Best way to kick start a good day, never tasted better coffee than it. Bold and strong as needed. A bit robust. Overall, all the elements work simultaneously. And they complement each other.
Coffee supreme
As a Coffee Connoisseur, i'm constantly in search for great coffee. This brand, this product, this taste is everything i could ask for. My mornings are always made with a cup of Nescafe.
Coffee Morning Love
This is now once of my favorite dolce gusto pods defiantly a must have.
I loved the product 100% its intense, creamy and full flavored. Would like a machine of my own willing to make the investment. No changes needs to be done. I would recommend this to anyone to try
Superior taste
I love the dolce gusto range of all of them this one is my favorite
Best in range
Delicious, superior quality coffee with a nice creamy texture!
Best cuppocino ever
I tasted this coffee from my friend and I was hocked.
Barista perfect 👌
I enjoy strong coffee and found this to be incredibly flavorful and creamy. Perfect balance, my new favorite in the range.
Dolce gustro cappacino
It's the best cappacino it's creamer and had a kick flavour for coffee lovers like me
DolceGusto Cappuccino Intenso
When i have a headache, this is my medication. It kills my headache in no time
Coffee Addict
I drink atleast 2 cups of intenso a day, it's really creamy and delicious, the way it just slides down your throat so smoothly... 10 out of 10 would recommend... 👍🏻
Creamy and delicious
I have tried this product a few times and have loved it everytime, super creamy and rich in flavor.

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