4,3 5 0 80 80 Kills flies and mosquitos and each refill can lasts up to 30 days.
Doom Automatic Indoor Insect Control System
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Doom automatic
Best product used for December 2019 and kept all the insects including flies outside where they belong. The minute it ran out mid January 2020. All these bugs came back. I am searching for a more Ecco friendly one but haven't found one as good yet.
No control
This product needs more control. There is no way to test to see if it is working other than to set it up for a pre-determined time and wait to see what happens. It is difficult to install a new canister, one must use a toothpick to turn the mechanism. Also, there is no email or internet address where a instruction manual might be obtained or where one might lodge a query.
Keeps unwanted flies away, amazing in summer as that is when my home tends to just attract the little creatures.
This works not just for Flies but all insects!
Iv been using this Automatic Doom spray for the past few months and swear by it. It really does keep away flies, mozies and I even use it against my walls for ants! Its a keeper! Now just to find batteries that last and last.
Helps killing insects
Staying in a rented house, it helps with killing pests in the house.
The best
A perfect method to control unwelcome guests. It kills insects on impact and keeps them away. I only use doom products.
Necessary for Summer Season
This product is necessary for Summer Season, with all of these flies around. This product is quick acting, and does not give off an unpleasant smell in your household - and best of all it actually does work. I would recommend this for ALL households.
It is excellent. It really works. It does what it says. It also last long
Gone insect gone
This product works extremely well, and is highly effective
Helps a lot. But in the bedroom it's better to have a plug in device. The spray feels like it lands in your mouth while sleeping.
Amazing produk. Kan nie sonder Doom Aerosol in die huis nie. Alhoewel dit bietjie duur is, is dit 'n produk wat 100% werk asook in die dispenser 'n gereime tydjie hou.
I have tried this and the entire night I can sleep peacefully with no mosquito bit
this product do magics, we sleep peacefully without the disturbance of mosquitoes, during the day no annoying ants dancing in my home. i love it...... <3
I live in a thatch roof house, and this is definitely one of the products that just makes life easier
Excellent Product. Always have them in our home. No Flies or Mosquitoes.

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