Doom Citrus Scented Insecticide

4,2 5 0 71 71 This insecticide has been scientifically-proven to eliminate flying and crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, fishmoths, flies, mosquitoes and moths. It effectively rids your home of the undesirable nasties and imparts a fresh, lingering lemon aroma that leaves your home with a fresh and clean feel.
Doom Citrus Scented Insecticide


Not bad
The product works the same as the original, they don't really get rid of the insects. It knock them out for a few minutes or it just makes the insects run around the house. I love the new citrus smell though.
Doom review
It's OK, doesn't work every time ,mostly spread the insects around the house ,
Citrus Fresh
I normally only buy the odourless Doom but bought a citrus one today and I love it. Lovely fresh citrus aroma.
doom citrus scented
lt gets the job done and the smell is divine.
Great product
The scent is so much better than the previous one, which was chocking.
Doom citrus scented insecticide
Good product. Two sprays and it gets rid of unwelcomed inspects. Usually use odourless but this one has changed my mind
Great product to use
After struggling so long with cockroaches , I have finally found the best product to use .this is very good and I'm happy with the results
Doom citrus scented
So it smells nice but my concern is spaying it ,the smell is so nice you forget that this is poisones so I don't like it for that reason I will bye the original one rather
It is quick to work, easy to use. You just have to shake it well before using it. What I liked the most about the product is that it really kills mosquitoes quickly. I would recommend it
It works really well and kills insects quick.
Not to sting smell . exactly as advertised, would definitely recommend if you have problems with pests or bugs in the house
Doom Citrus Scented Insecticide
The product is very good, no sneezing after using it and smell good and fresh, i like the fact that it is still strong and kill insects but sensitive as well, i will definitely recommend to my friends and family
Works exactly as advertised, would definitely recommend if you have problems with pests or bugs in the house
My go to doom it kills all known pests in the house and its smell very nice it has that lemon or citrus smell I love it
Doom cittus
Love this product bought at PnP because it was on special and we use it a lot because of the flies. I love the fact that it gives that citrus smell and not the overwhelming smell of Doom original

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