4,7 5 0 238 238 <b>Doom’s scientifically formulated crawling insect killer</b>, delivers a long lasting kill to the applied area while simultaneously killing any crawling insects that cross it’s path instantly. Doom Defend maintains control for up to 4 weeks and is a perfect way to prevent any other crawling insects from invading your space. This product is effective both indoors and outdoors and is available in both 180ml and 300ml variants.
DOOM Crawling Insects
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Helps alot
Doom crawling insects helps a lot in my home.its a great product and will recommend it
Doom: Crawling is my favorite weapon against pests
From all the types of Doom I prefer this one. It has a strong spray that does not only focus the spray of pesticide on the problem, but also pins something like a spider to the all. So, while the spider is still in a haze about the poison, an arachnophobia, like me, can finish it off with a broom with only a slight adrenaline-rush. They should replace the picture of the ant on the container with a spider.
Crawling no more
It works wonders on ants. It also last. I spray once a day.
Doom Crawling insects
It works fast killing insects however the potent smell lingers in the air for the longest time which makes it horrible as this causes my sinuses to react. You cannot even be in the same room where you sprayed for long because you'll end up coughing a lot.
doom crawling spray
doom crawling spray has always worked for me, the name doom is a household name, and is passed on from my mom to me, and i have seen it work over and over again.
Great insect KILLER
To potent for allergy prone kids and adults. however the product is really good and last long, its a real money saver. Odorless product can help, yes ill recommend it to anybody
Excellent! We have been having an issue with ants and after just 1 application, the ants have all disappeared!
Doom is brilliant and kills alot of crawling gogos. I really recommend using it. I also find that you dont need to spray half the tin to get the desired results. One good spray and the crawling insects are dead.
does what it says
Works amazingly, kills crawling insects immediately. the smell is not intense so that's very good cos we have small kids at home. it kept the cockroaches out even until now. i will recommend this to everyone
number 1 brand
this is my go to brand a must have in the home and is very effective in getting rid of those ants and spiders
doom crawling
works amazing for ants and spiders . and its ouderless
Good Product
I recently purchased this and have used it for about 3 weeks. It definitely works but not for the 4 weeks as advertised. I had to respray after 2 weeks.
Crawling insect killer
A crawling insect gives me the creeps. I spray a litle bit of Doom. No crawlers and I can sleep without worries,It work well for ants and roaches excellent product.
Happy Customer
Doom crawling really works wonders and the scent is so bearable
Best Pestiside
Best for ants and crawling insects. and it do not have an smell that irritate you

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