Dove Beauty Finish Anti-perspirant

4,7 5 0 243 243 New & improved Dove anti-perspirant now with 1/4 moisturising cream. Enriched with light reflecting minerals, alcohol free and offers you 48 hour protection.
Dove Beauty Finish Anti-perspirant


Dove rolon
Love the dove rol on it is sof on your skin and not itching it smells good the hol day and you feel fresh
Smells Good
I love that the It keeps me feeling fresh all day long, however it doesn't last long in the bottle..I.e there's so much of it coming out at a time. But really worth the try
Very refreshing and smell good, keeps dry all day long
This product helps you smell fresh and vibrant. Like the packaging too.
Dove Beauty
I tend to change between Dove Beauty /Even Tone/Refreshing cucumber one depending on what my underarms need. The Beauty is really nice, gentle, nice fragrance.
I love the freshness it leaves you with, and the protection last long.
In all honesty, everything that has the name Dove I usually gravitate towards. There is something about this brand that just leaves your skin feeling incredible. The lastest obsession is tis product.
it is nice. I have used it but not anymore
Dove, the bird that keeps giving. *
As a long time user of Dove products I have to say this is just an amazing roll on.. It smells delicious and it goes under our arms. Yes exactly that. It's soothing and truly does what it says it does. 48 hour protection tested when camping, smells great, adds this softness to your underarms that no other product does for me. Dove, always 1 step ahead.
Dove Beauty Finish Anti-perspirant
I have tried this product. Dove is a trusted brand and has a variety of fragrances to try. The cream moisturizer leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft. I would recommend this product.
I love dove rolling, it's smells so nice, it lasts very long I always and only buy this product cause it's so good it's quality, I would recommend this product to anyone cause it's great
Even tone
Feels smooth and smells good, but not enough for the hot summer days if you sweat a lot.
Dove Roll on
Loved it! I know you will too! We used it with my daughter. Both of us are loving it. It had a beautiful scent.
Eventone smell good
The Dove eventone smell good and i see change
Dove roll on
I prefer using Dove roll on as it is very mild on my skin and it leaves my skin smelling nice the whole day without any sweat, I just love it.

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