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Dove Beauty Finish Anti-perspirant
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Dove beauty finish
I don't even know when to start this product is just perfect for me it leaves my under arms moisturised I use it everyday it improves my skin tone and gives me a 48hour nice smell I feel so good sometimes I don't even need to put a spray as it does both jobs
Dove deoderant
I love dove it keeps your skin silky soft, feeling fresh all day ling
Dove is the best by far
I love dove, keeps you smelling fresh, you dont sweat and it makes a person feel so confident. I love that. No improvements required on this. And I would definitely recommend this brand range
Refreshing Dove
I just love this product. This product is refreshing, smells nice and does not leave a residue
I love the smell so much and I love the fact that it is so good and caring to my sensitive skin
Fresh looking underarms
I have always loved Dove I love how it keeps my underarms clean with no dark marks I also love it’s smell
I've been using other products a few months ago my underarm use to sweat so much...and they were extremely dark and inching most of the time but after I use #Doves I never experience all this... Thanks to Dove
Non Irritated Freshness :-)
Awesome, love it. i have sensitive skin and this works like a charm.
Tried and tested. Its awesome
Tried it and it worked. No itchy skin and irritation. Lovely and clean smell.
Fresh and gentle
I like the fragrance with this. I tried another brand that made my arms itchy, but this one seems to be gentler and has remedied the skin irritation.
The best
Smooth underarms Dove is the best I’ve switched to it and I’m loving it
Dove is simply amazing!
This is definitely one of my favourite brands! When i think of Dove i imagine velvety soft skin. Dove is always on my list.
Dove really does it for me all their product are really good....this is fab
Tried it, loved it, sticking to it
Love the feeling off all day dryness and the clean smell that comes with using dove, i tried it, i loved it and now i'm sticking too it.
This is an awesome product lets you feel fresh whole day does not stick to you clothes and just smells amazing.

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