Dove Moisturising Cream Grapefruit & Lemongrass

4,7 5 0 394 394 Dove Go Fresh Anti-Perspirant Roll-On Grapefruit & Lemongrass contains 1/4 moisturising cream to be gentle on your underarms, while keeping them fresh and dry. Contains no alcohol and is dermatologist approved.
Dove Moisturising Cream Grapefruit & Lemongrass


I love dove roll on it keeps me fresh all day. It works well on sensitive skin and sweaty armpits, does not leave stains on my clothes. Everything is right about it and I would definitely recommend it
Will never change
Been using this for 10 plus years and am unlikely to change. My favourite and now my daughter has also started to use this (8 years old) no reaction and keeps her fresh also.
Dove for the win.
The most trusted brand. I've been using Dove for years, I never experienced any rashes like I did when I used other brands prior. My Dr recommended that I switch to Dove due to having a skin reaction prior... and ever since I've been using this product.
Not that great
Smells great but doesn't last all day, one needs to top up with the deodorant to last a full day.
This one did not last me an entire day like the rest
Quality Product
I have very sensitive skin and my underarms are no exception....i love this roll on...never been more happier using it....keeps me dry and fresh...also no irritation.
Dove roll on
Dove roll on has worked amazingly since I started using it. It dry's quick, leaving no wet marks on clothing and is also suitable for use just after shaving your under arm hair. Would definitely recommend it to anyone. Keeps you feeling fresh the whole day! :)
Dove roll on
Perfect as it moisturise your ampits as well
Ever since I used Dove roll on, I'm stressless, actually I'm using Dove range, from soap and bodywash to roll on and body lotion, very soft and silky on the skin
I love this roll on, have used dove for years now. Once I moved to another brand and it didn't go well, I realized that dove is the one for me, it keeps me fresh and sweat free. But there's just 1 challenge, it makes my armpits dry and itch at the end of the day that I have to apply moisturizer every night.
Dove Antiperspirants have never let me down no smelll no white residue fresh all day
Love the packing and price uasally on sale. The smell and softness I like, but it doesn't keep me dry, I would recommend this to persons with sensitive skin..
The smell is great but!! It’s definitely weak it leaves me with bad odour I love the colours of the packaging though if only it could improve on making it last then I’m good to go I love dove though
The smell....
The smell of this product always puts a smiley on my face, it smells fresh and leaves me confident throughout the day. Its a smell that you don't get use to, because it always smells so good. Long lasting freshness indeed.
Smells good
The deodorant smells good and helps lock odor. However, personally leaves stains on my clothing.

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