DS -Boost

4,8 5 0 94 94 FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF ENERGY AND HEALTH<br> Turn your carbohydrates into the energy your body needs to be the best you can be – every day!<br><br> <li>Contains Vitamin B1 and B12 <li>Free from flavour and colourants <li>Not suitable for diabetics <li>Simple daily dose
DS -Boost


Good product
No side effects, not addictive and really boost ones immune system.
The best
Work wonders when your immune system is a little off really a good product
DS Boost
It really helped me stop drinking all the addictive energy drinks to get my body ready for the day, it is the best, not addictive, no side effects.. really love it.. would definitely recommend it to my friends and family
This product is very,I was tested positive for covid19 then I bought it to boost my immune system
Must have
I tested positive for covid-19 on Jan 6 and the doctor recommended that I use this tablets , they helped me slot.
Excellent Product
DS Boost is amazing. It keeps you going through those tough days. Excellent boost of energy. And it does not have after effects
Excellent Health Benefits
Awesome multi vitamin, diverse qualities and very effective.
I have been using this for a very long time and I'm healthy
The Boost you need
Great product. Really needed especially now during this pandemic. Get it, your immune system will thank you!
Leaves me energised & revived Definetly a good boost their whole range has good vitamins
Immune Boost
I have been using this Brand for close to a year and im happy with it Keeps me energised and alive
Essential supplement
I used this product when i was overwhelmed with my exam studies and my work. Without this it, i was not going to cope. This contribute a to normal function of immune system, reduce tiredness and fatigue . Also imrove concentration. I also used it to children.
The best energy booster so far, helps me to conquer my 12 hours shift.
Energy Booster
Great Product, gives me just the boost I need to get through the day without the crash. Would recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of a Boost.
Best multivitamin
It helps me a lot as I gym every day ,I'm able to wake up some days exhausted but with this product I get a chance to do what I like

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