5 5 0 5 5 FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF ENERGY AND HEALTH<br> Turn your carbohydrates into the energy your body needs to be the best you can be – every day!<br><br> <li>Contains Vitamin B1 and B12 <li>Free from flavour and colourants <li>Not suitable for diabetics <li>Simple daily dose
DS -Boost
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Power in a bottle
I love the extra energy I have after I started using it. Also I used to sometimes forget where I place things but now it assists me in remembering better It doesn’t only boost my health but my memory too
Mind boster
During this pandemic this came in handy for my exam preparation and I managed to concentrate
I'm a university student and I used this booster as I was writing my online exams. It has helped me alot and I would recommend it to my family and friends
Vitamin d5
Its give me enery all day i enjoy it an my family also enjoy it
It's the best
I love it since day one it gives me energy and I feel much better taking it daily
I would like to use these I have never used them. Im always tired maybe they can help me
Please send me a sample like to tried it out for my son , he is in matric now and also share with his friends.
I have been using the multivitamin Ds24 veggie caps. I would love to try this product and add it on to my daily vitamin intake. And from the great reviews it sounds like its an amazing product. Ds24 never fails to impress.
I want to try it since I am working under pressure,It sounds good for my busy days
I'd like to try it since I'm working and studying at the same time, also I have to look after my young boy maybe it can help me when I need to concenterate
I will like to try this product. I did hear about it before.
If its a boost then i think we all need an added vava- voom. Using the best product i would love to try this. Looks like a winner!
I have tried many boost products and multi vitamins and have not yet been totally satisfied, being in the medical field one needs to be alert and feel good in order to treat patients to the best of your ability. I would like to give this product a bash.
Would love to try this as I need a booster to get me through my busy days. Sounds just like the product I need to give me the needed boost
Haven't seen this yet, but I believe it could be beneficial

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