4,8 5 0 384 384 DS-24® FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH</p> We all have 24 hours in a day – what you do with it is up to you and the supplement you take can help you make every 24 hours the best day of your life. Make every day, your best day. </p><br> DS-24® VEGI FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH IN VEGETARIANS</p> We all have the same 24 hours in a day – what you do with yours is up to you. The vegi-cap is suitable for vegetarians and the Halaal lifestyle, allowing you to do the most with your day, every day. </p><br> DS-OMEGA-3™ FOR GOOD BRAIN HEALTH+MORE</p> Complete your everyday nutrition with the formula containing optimal levels of essential fatty acids to help you make the most of your day – every day. </p><br> DS-SPORT™ FOR REPLENISHED ENERGY IN ACTIVE PEOPLE </p> Fill up your everyday energy – whether you’re a desk jockey or a gym babe – everyone deserves the energy replacement formula to help meet their optimal energy needs all day, every day.
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Smooth Pregnancy
The best, I had a very smooth pregnancy thanks to the DS 24. I did not suffer from any fatigue. and the pill is small :).
Brain Power
I bought DS Omega 3 - Fatty acids that helps to maintain good health and helps with the support of brain function. My choice was based on that I'm a mother of three teenage boys, so this product has helped me to supplement and satisfy the high need of vitamins and nutrients that my boys need to grow up and keep healthy brains.
DS24 Green Multi vitamin
I use the multivitamins, very cost effective and a great booster for my immune system. I take 1 tablet every day. The availability of ghe products in stores is a problem sometimes
Imune booster
Its the best vitamine product that I've tried ...boosts the imune sistem and prevents you from getting sick easily
Didn't feel a difference
I didn't really feel much difference in health or energy when using this product.
DS24 for the win!
I started using DS24 during my pregnancy and I am still using it 6 years later. It has become my daily multi-vitamin for an energy boost and I'm convinced it's improved my health overall!
Excellent vitamin
DS24 helped me about because I have anemia,unlike other vitamins this one didn't leave over eating because am too hungry. Energy levels are high through out the day. I will most definitely recommend it
Excellent Product
I buy this very often, also for my family at home. Must say, I can feel the day I have not drank it.
Multivitamin of note
This is definitely my go to multivitamin, keeps me focused and energetic all day
The daily supplement...best supplement I've had thus far
An old timer recommended this supplement.Boasting how he's full of beans and hardly get sick.I had to try it out.Low and behold ,it was the absolute truth.Im not changing supplements ever!
A life saver of note!
My health is severely compromised and my son asked our pharmacist to please suggest something to help me get some strength allowing me to stay active as I get extremely frustrated and difficult when limited, even though expensive on my budget our pharmacist did not hesitate to suggest DS Boost and since then I will cut on other expenses to make sure I never run out of supply. I would love to be able to test their other products as I really think this product is created with a vision and a goal that is reached. DS Boost delivers even more than expected. Thank you!!
All in one
Ds24 is all you need in one bottle,one capsule. Making it more convenient to take daily. Especially if you don't like taking tablets. Job well done!!
The best
The best I have ever used ,I have tried many other brands but by far this works the best for me
Fantastic Product
It is by far the best health range i have tried and works so well
DS24 Daily Supplement
This product is the best, my body is always active eversince I started using this product.

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