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4,8 5 0 497 497 DS-24® FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH</p> We all have 24 hours in a day – what you do with it is up to you and the supplement you take can help you make every 24 hours the best day of your life. Make every day, your best day. </p><br> DS-24® VEGI FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH IN VEGETARIANS</p> We all have the same 24 hours in a day – what you do with yours is up to you. The vegi-cap is suitable for vegetarians and the Halaal lifestyle, allowing you to do the most with your day, every day. </p><br> DS-OMEGA-3™ FOR GOOD BRAIN HEALTH+MORE</p> Complete your everyday nutrition with the formula containing optimal levels of essential fatty acids to help you make the most of your day – every day. </p><br> DS-SPORT™ FOR REPLENISHED ENERGY IN ACTIVE PEOPLE </p> Fill up your everyday energy – whether you’re a desk jockey or a gym babe – everyone deserves the energy replacement formula to help meet their optimal energy needs all day, every day.
DS Range


Increase energy levels
I started using DS-24 when a friend suggested it to me since I was always exhausted from running.I must say it has helped me a lot in increasing my energy levels.
This really helps, My 81 year old Father was very tired lately, he just wanted to sleep so we bought all these vitamins just to give him a boost and none of this realy helped until we tried the DS 24, this is really an amazing product
Its waww
I used it in 2017 on my pregnancy doctor recommended it to me.I haven't stopped using it ,its my everyday supplement 👌👌👌always recommended it to my friends.👌👌💯💯💯
One of the most amazing vitamins I've used. Boosts energy levels and supports immune system. Only need to take one daily. The soft gel makes it easy to swallow. Recommended to my family and they love it
This was recommended to me,I suffer with severe abdominal chronic pain. Needed the energy, vitamins and so much more. This allows me to be proactive and get all the supplements in one I have insomnia and this helped
Try it
This was recommended to me to take with my chronic meds and I don't need any other daily supplement. I love the fact that 1pill is loaded with alot of vitamins as it can get very tiring having to take alot of pills.
DS 24 vegi
Easy to use capsule. I started using this vitamin, postpartum and it really helped with my overall well-being and I could feel the difference. It really makes up for all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs throughout the day.
Great product
This is a really good product for immune support, easy to swallow capsule. It should be in everyone's handbag!
My fave vitamin sup range.
My ultimate fave is the DS Omega. It helps me focus through the day. My second fave is the Sport. I'm hydrated and it tastes very good. I wish the DS boost was effervescent 😊
DS is very good for my skin and health also and no after taste or you dont smell it on your pee
S 24
Like it bost my imune prevent me from getting the flu Willdrecemd to family and friends
I like it using ds24
Very happy n boosting my immune system I've been using it since 2015
I'm not one for vitamins but the Ds24 is the bomb .com. usually I would have to have to cups of strong coffee to kick start my day but ever since I used Ds24 its the total opposite.
Omega 3
Im a bit finicky when it comes to vits they make me want to gag but this was a pleasant surprise didn't irritate my IBS I'm definitely buying a new months supply and trying the rest
I love that my dad and daughter is able to use it as well. I don't need to buy different brands according to ages. It has all the required vitamins in 1 tablet, so no need to add anything more unless you want to.

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