4,8 5 0 109 109 DS-24® FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH</p> We all have 24 hours in a day – what you do with it is up to you and the supplement you take can help you make every 24 hours the best day of your life. Make every day, your best day. </p><br> DS-24® VEGI FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH IN VEGETARIANS</p> We all have the same 24 hours in a day – what you do with yours is up to you. The vegi-cap is suitable for vegetarians and the Halaal lifestyle, allowing you to do the most with your day, every day. </p><br> DS-OMEGA-3™ FOR GOOD BRAIN HEALTH+MORE</p> Complete your everyday nutrition with the formula containing optimal levels of essential fatty acids to help you make the most of your day – every day. </p><br> DS-SPORT™ FOR REPLENISHED ENERGY IN ACTIVE PEOPLE </p> Fill up your everyday energy – whether you’re a desk jockey or a gym babe – everyone deserves the energy replacement formula to help meet their optimal energy needs all day, every day.
DS Range
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Filled with Energy
I am currently using this product - its great, makes me feel energised during the day and keeps baby kicking in my tummy!
Ds24 vegi
Great product, used it with all 3 pregnancies and up to 6 months after. Packed with everything baby and I needed. The vegi option is a major plus
very good vitamin supplement I've only recently started taking it but can feel a difference already
Great supplement
Used throughout pregnancy and after,packed with all essentials. Love it and would highly recommend.
Daily use
its an awesome products has all supplements in 1 tab. You can use it during pregnancy and normal life to boost the energy levels
I'm using DS24 supplements, it's great. I love it, no flu for me this year. I feel energized and revitalized. The only thing to improve would be the capsule, it looks scary maybe if they change the color.
DS24 High Recommended
Provides the extra energy needed to get through the day. I used to feel drained out all the time but since being on DS24 daily I’ve noticed a huge difference.
Life saver
The best supplement I ever used was suffering from hair patches but now have my crown back
Best Multivitamin
This is by far the best Multivitamin my doctor has ever prescribed for me in a long time. It comprises of all the things the body needs to survive
I recommend it to everyone
Ds24 is the way to go it’s a best Multivitamin one could use as it doesn’t contain vitamins but also has minerals of which one don’t need to take another medication of minerals.
Life saver
I tried it last when a friend advised me about them as I was preparing for my exams, it worked,it improved my memory and fatigue
Excellent product
This is one of the best multivitamins on the markett. This product is some sort of a pick me upper and it restores your strength to the max and keeps u alert all day. I love it.
DS Range review
Yes , my husband used the product after having a medical illness. He used the DS24 and he was back to his old self in no time. This is a GREAT product to use.
DS 24 multivitamins..verry Good
I used this when i was pregnant and they very good for me, i never had morning sicknesses from the start until i gave birth..i still use them now as a daily supplements.❤
All rounder
I've been using a multivitamin similar and then fell pregnant and switched to a preggie vitamin, after birth I could switch to this vitamin and even on my limited hours of sleep, I don't feel tired the next morning

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