4,8 5 0 49 49 DS-24® FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH</p> We all have 24 hours in a day – what you do with it is up to you and the supplement you take can help you make every 24 hours the best day of your life. Make every day, your best day. </p> DS-24® VEGI FOR THE MAINTENANCE OF GOOD HEALTH IN VEGETARIANS</p> We all have the same 24 hours in a day – what you do with yours is up to you. The vegi-cap is suitable for vegetarians and the Halaal lifestyle, allowing you to do the most with your day, every day. </p> DS-OMEGA-3™ FOR GOOD BRAIN HEALTH+MORE</p> Complete your everyday nutrition with the formula containing optimal levels of essential fatty acids to help you make the most of your day – every day. </p> DS-SPORT™ FOR REPLENISHED ENERGY IN ACTIVE PEOPLE </p> Fill up your everyday energy – whether you’re a desk jockey or a gym babe – everyone deserves the energy replacement formula to help meet their optimal energy needs all day, every day.
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Best and most affordable multivitamin
I had not ever taken vitamins in my life until I fell pregnant. The pregancy-branded vitamins were so expensive and strong so it made me sick. My doctor told me DS24 was just as good and would give me everything I needed. I can see a difference in my skin, nails & hair and will continue to use this vitamin even after birth & breast-feeding.
DS Range
I am using the DS 24 recommended by my pharmacist. I was feeling "bleh" this really gave me energy
Love the new range
Swear by the DS24 brand of multivitamins. Used it throughout my pregnancies and after. Just an all round great product.
Trusted brand
This is a great trusted brand for the family, great value for money
DS24 Multi Vitamin
I have used this multi vitamin and it comes highly recommended for your average person, pregnant women as well as cancer patients. One box lasts two months making the price worth it. My mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer and while she undergoes treatment she has been using this vitamin. It is a great product at a reasonable price.
DS 24 vegi
I absolutely love this product, took it from the start of the both pregnancies and ever after to help my body recover faster. Are there any products for kids in their range? Would definitely try it out if it is.
I took this multivitamin all through my pregnancy and it worked like a charm. So much so that I am still taking it.
Energy boost
Was looking for a change. Was surprised with how well it worked.
DS Range
Very good vitamin. Helps nail and hair growth. My hairdresser referred it to me
One of the very few products that work extremely well for pregnant women. Doesn't leave you nausea's like all the other combinationsm can definitely recommend this to the mammas to be and just anyone looking for a really good product! You won't regret!
Gives you everything you need
I used this product during both of my pregnancies, and after. Easy to swallow because it's nice and small, no bitter after taste, works quietly while you carry on with the day.
Love the ds range, especially when you are feeling run down. It gives me energy during the day and assist with general well being
I have been using this for years love it and love the new look
I have tried ds24 vitamins excellent gives me energy and mental vitality and best part is they are veggie capsules.
I have been using DS24 since my early twenties, through both my pregnancies, eldest 8 1/2 and youngest 2 1/2...it has all the recommended vitamin. It is now used by my eldest kid since she was 6.

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