4,5 5 0 112 112 Reaches hidden germs and grime under the rim. Evenly coats the bowl for 360˚ coverage, removes stains and eliminates odors.
Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Citrus
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Fresh smell
This is a great product, the smell is great and it removes all those dirty stains
Fresh smell
love the fresh smell of the cleaner, but a little thin for me it does not stay on the surface long enough to clean effectively slides right into the water
Duck Deep Action Gel Toilet Cleaner Citrus
Duck has over many years been the ideal product for toilets. It tackles those nasty stains in the toilet pot. It is also ideal for cleaning bathtubs, basins, and showers.
My toilet is Clean
I recently purchased this product and it is fantastic. The smell is unbelievable and it keeps my toilet fresh. It eliminates odours or cleans without extra effort. I'm extremely happy with this product.
love this product, smells good and makes the whole bathroom smell divine. kills germs and is a thick liquid, cleans toilet to a bright shine
Duck Deep Action Gel
I love the gel thickness. The gel leaves toilets fresh and clean.
yes we have used it smells good leaves surfaces clean thank you
Smells good
I'm bought it on December 2020 to try it but since I'm using it I will never use another one this one always leave my toilet clean and it smells good
Not as good as it used to be, disappointed....much watery than usual
Duck gel cleaner
This product works very good. Its kills germs and removes bacteria hidden underneath the toilet seat. My toilet was having bad odors, but since i used this trusted product, no odors in my toilet. Highly recommended for my home and even at work and my friends.
Toilet cleaner
Best cleaning detergent. I really love the smell of citrus and how clean it is after using it.
Duck citrus is very good
The gel thickness is perfect, it makes it easier to cover the whole toilet perfectly. And the smell is so refreshing
Not really my favourite would rather keep the citrus for the kitchen. I didn't like the colour as well as I kept thinking someone had used the toilet and not flashed. I prefer the forest fresh..
It keeps the toilet clean and get rid of all gems and fies
Long lasting scent
The best, I love its thickness and long lasting power.

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