4,7 5 0 49 49 Foaming Bleach Gel better reaches under the rim to get your toilet bowl clean—and it leaves the bowl white and bright.<p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/duck-foaming-bleach-gel.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Duck Extra Power Foaming Bleach Gel
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I love the foaming action. I always feel more foam = more clean! Thin bleach is not an option for me. I love the thick texture and the foaming bleach ensures a clean toilet bowl with zero stains and zero bacteria.
Best EVER!
I am very pedantic when it comes to my toilet, and I like to do toilet maintenance on a regular basis with quality products. I want to see and smell a clean toilet! This product is amazing. I leave it on overnight, and it works wonders! I buys this in bulk.
Nice and foamy, smells so great and cleans for a longer period
Duck for the Loo
This product is fantastic. The bleach in it really brings out the whiteness in the toilet and helps with the aroma. Quite foamy too.
this toilet duck has improved over the years, it is now so much stronger, and all the stains disappear, and the smell is awesome, would love a larger container to last longer and would recommend it to all
Fresh & Clean
I have always loved Toilet Duck. It leaves the bathroom clean and smells fresh.
Works well
This product works well for cleaning tough stains in the toilet. I coat the toilet with it and then leave it for few minutes. The foam assist keeping it thick and doing the job promised.
Where was the foam
Hello there. I wanted to see foam when using this product. It still cleaned however it fell short of its name. I would still recommend the product as I like the brand. Maybe, change the type of nozzle so that it generates a foam or change the name.h
Fav and affordable
Absolutely love this product.. Very very affordable r15-17.. I leave it in the bathroom for people to use just after.
Duck extra power foaming gel
I bought a bot at the store and boy o boy im not sorry i bought it it leaves my toilet nice and clean and believe me the smell last long caus it always leaves the foam behind
I like the smell
Keeps everything clean and smell nice it feels like u can use it every day if u haven't used it definitely u can feel there's something missing
Toilet duck
Works great leaving the toilet smelllimg fresh to would definitely recommend this product
works brilliant
gives a great smell because of the bleach, its very foamy and brightens the toilet bowl
Duck power
Love the smell and definitely worth it I'm a clean freak and love a clean smell all round the house especially in the bathroom
Bleah Gel
This product is exactly what I needed especially with a young baby in the house who is just getting used to using the big toilet. My toilet always smells clean & i'm also confident that it is indeed clean.

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