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Duck Fresh Discs 5in1- Active Splash
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Brilliant for urinals.
Nice smelling product and easy to use. This is the perfect solution for urinals.
Love this product, the discs are easy to apply, have a long lasting fresh smell and refills are available which makes your money stretch a little further. The discs last flush after flush. Highly recommended product.
I liked this product as the application is easy, but i found that it doesn't last very long
Loved it
loved this product, it just doesn't last that long and doesn't hold its fragrance as long as you'd expect.
toilet discs
it smells great, but doesnt really last very long. nice to have though.
Good idea but does not last as long
This product is easy and great smelling but unfortunately it does not last long and it seems like it cleans better in the area its placed and that the rest of the toiler does not get the benefit as much.
Loving this duck splash smells great and looks very clean my family are loving it.
Always in my cart. Really like this, when my 2 year old doesn't want to scratch it of the bowl. ;oP
I love this product , stays fresh for long. I would share this with my friends.
Great smell and lasts longer than I thought it would.
This is the BEST solution to daily toilet maintenance. I simply love it. It cleans well and keeps the toilet smelling amazingly clean! I highly recommend it! It's also the best variant in the range of duck disks. Love it, LOVE IT!!!!
So much more sanitary than the other toilet cleaners that hang in the bowl. Gives that fresh smell after flushing
Makes the bathroom smell fresh. Lasts long and toilet feels clean and fresh
This product is amazing. It sticks to the toilet bowl and last very long without washing away with each flush. It smells so clean and make the whole bathroom smell fresh. I will defnitely continue to buy and use this producy.
First saw this in the UK and then a few years passed and we could get it here. Lovely smell which permeates the bathroom and it does work too.

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