4,9 5 0 118 118 Duracell Plus Power AAA Batteries 2-Pack gives you reliable performance and long-lasting power. These batteries are suitable for a wide variety of electronic equipment including remote controls and portable DVD players. </p>"Based on a survey conducted on Home Tester Club, 5 794 members responded to the batteries survey in December 2018. Duracell was ranked their number one brand in South Africa for Longest lasting, For use in electronics, Most trusted, and For use in toys”</p> Click <a href="https://www.hometesterclub.com/za/en/reviews/categorydetail/152030"><b>here</b></a> to see the full results of the survey.
Duracell Batteries
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Very long lasting
Duracell lives up to its advertising by being long lasting and the only batteries that I buy for all my electronics and especially torches.
Pricey but work
These are normally the brand of batteries i buy, maybe it is good advertising, maybe they really are longer lasting as i have had one in my clock for 6 years going strong. So i will continue purchasing Duracell over other brands
AAA|4 Duracell
I mostly use these on the DVT 1150 recorder, they work perfectly and lasts longer and sometimes when I want these batteries to last for a very long time, I usually take them out of the recorder and put them back when I want to use the recorder.
One word: the best. No other battery is better than Duracell. It last double the amount of time than any other battery. It should be rated the worlds no 1 battery. It looks professional because it is professional
Thank you Duracell
I have three kids, and they have a lot of battery driven toys. I make use of Duracell batteries all the time as they just last the longest. I never buy any other batteries anymore.
The only battery I trust.
Duracell is great! It lasts so long and I love their packs with the get two free.
Duracell Batteries
Tried other brands but this is still the best as its long lasting.
A must have!!
They last very long, I use them. I bought a pack of 6 in 2018. Just took out another 2 so I'm left with 2
Long lasting power
Duracell batteries last for a very long time. When I was using other brands, I used to replace batteries after a short while, but since I started using Duracell, I replace batteries after a long time
The best batteries
Duracell has been the battery we use from little. It lasts long and works well.
Still number 1
Will always return to Duracell. There is just no other battery that lasts as long. I have been using Duracell for years, and will continue to do so. Highly recommended.
Duracell my battery
i use it at work for my mouse, i use it at home for my remote and my wall watch. it is the best battery ever
It's always been Duracell
I have tried other products but I always come back to what I know is the best. This product just lasts longer that any other batterty
Duracell Battries
Duracell batteries are the ONLY brand i use from razors to clocks to remotes. Stands up to it name long lasting.
Duracell Batteries
These Duracell batteries are the bomb. The Batteries are longer lasting and 1 or 2 replacements will be required in a year. I also like that they come in packs of 8/ 12 for some packs.

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