5 5 0 20 20 A pure cetomacrogol & glycerine emollient cream for all skin types & dry skin conditions, including eczema & psoriasis. Can be used as a soap substitute.
Epimax Man Cream Emollient Moisturiser For all skin types
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Epimax has worked wonders with my kids skins and today they have a smoother skin
Love this product I even use it on my grandchildren.
Epimax for Men
People told me to try this and I did. I will not change to anything else.
It works
I tried it for my son’s dry skin and eczema flares are gone after trying a lot of products. Thank you so much ...
Great lotion
From birth my son suffered from eczema thanks to epimax I’ve seen a lot improvement
best skin care
my son every summer would have a rash all over the body. now he is free, thanks to Epimax cream. its is a best product!!!
Epimax cream
It is gud for eczema.It softens,protects, and moisturizes the skin.It is suitable for all ages includin babies.It is perfect.No need for improvement.
Even for the manliest man
My husband does not believe is cream for his body, however after struggling with a bit of dry skin, I bought him this and now he is more keen on using some lotion on his body.
I have tried the normal epimax white and yellow lid. Now that i have seen this i dont mind trying the New Epimax Man Cream. maybe this might be better than the other
please send me a sample to test on my sensitive, dry skin
I have heard of the product, and I must say there were good reviews about it. My husband suffers from very dry skin, will definitely recommend him to use this product
I have not yet tried this out and have not seen it in the shop
Entire family uses Epimax. Excellent for dry skin and sensitive skin. Havent tried this one
My kids use Epimax, however we haven’t tried this particular one. My husband would love to give it a try.
Would definitely get this for my hubby. We love the original product. Same name, equal quality!

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