Fair Cape Dairies Ecofresh Long Life Milk UHT Low Fat

4,6 5 0 556 556 Fair Cape Ecofresh gives you a peace of mind basing on 3 pillars namely animal welfare, environmental welfare and social welfare.
Fair Cape Dairies Ecofresh Long Life Milk UHT Low Fat


I love the quality of the milk and it does not go off quickly. I do not normally use milk. Only with my coffee and I have to admit that this is really good. It does not have to be refrigerated. I can leave it standing out even though I just opened it :D
I quite enjoy this milk. It's rich and creamy
great flavor
love this from the first for time. i am still going to continue using it.
Long-life milk
We regularly buy this brand of long-life milk. It's versatile and doesn't have that aftertaste or smell one associates with long-life milk. Usually goes on special and we stock up. Both the low fat and full cream taste the same.
Good taste
Since lockdown has started we decided to curb ourselves from going every 2nd day to the shop to buy Fair Cape (Bottled Milk), we gave now bought the "long-life" milk carton 6 pack, we are breakfast cereal eaters and tea/coffee lovers....so milk goes up very fast....its been quite costly but we cant do without milk in our household.Tooka a while to get use to the taste but never took long.
Best milk
I have been using this milk for a very long time. The fresh mill mor then 5 years. The box for some time too. The very best
Can never go wrong with this milk it's really worth your money
Not bad at all
Good product and surprisingly quite affordable as well.
I definitely love this milk, if you never tried just do it
I just buy the Fair Cape Eco fresh range. It is part of my monthly grocery shopping and good value for money.
i buy this straight from the faircape shop. love it
Fair Capes milk is great and even greater value for money. Life is too expensive as is to pay R80 for a six pack - Faircapes is great value and great tasting
We don't use the low fat but Full Cream milk. And it's absolutely amazing and much better priced than other milk. You can be sure of getting a leka creamy glass of milk in every liter.
I love all Fair Cape products, the taste is great, good quality and the price is the best, always cheap but still quality. I would definitely recommend the milk, just love the taste.
My son loves this milk. It stays fresh much longer than other milk and the price is perfect for my budget.

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