4,8 5 0 2100 2100 <p>The addition of fresh meat contributes to increasing the protein levels in cat food. A benefit of a high-protein diet is that Feline Cuisine contains high levels of amino acids, which are the building blocks for muscles.</p> Click the <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/feline-cuisine-salmon-and-rice.html">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
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Fenine cuisine
This product is amazing its made with fresh meat which contribute increasing the protein level I the cats food, cats enjoy very much this food I gave my friends some product
Cats were very excited
I'm an over cautious fur-parent, I've always believed that if something is expensive, it's because you're paying for quality over quantity. However, when I received a sample from a friend, I was really surprised by my cats' reaction. They couldn't wait to get in the bag and gobbled whatever I gave them. They seemed to like it, but I did find vomit the next day despite mixing with their old food. I don't think I'll change from their current food, but it was worth the try.
My strays
I have basically adopted some farrel cats that roam around near where I stay and it has made them look so much better then before, would really recommend it. Just too bad its a bit pricy.
Feline Catfood
By receiving my sample of the Catfood, I started feeding my cat and she ate it all, so it seems that she enjoys it. I will from now on just buy this product for her..
Feline Cuisine
Best cat food ever!!! My cats coat are so shiny not to even talk about their nutrient gain. They are more active and do not eat every half and hour. They absolutely love this food!
Great product
My babies had no problems adjusting to the change. There fur looked more healthy and thick. One b Even started gaining weight which was great. Will definitely recommend
My cat's new favourite
Got a bag to test out from my friend (who received trial packs from hometesters club) My cat LOVES this. I like that the food is 34% protein. When looking at the kibbles, you can see that the food is made out of quality ingredients.
A definite must
I have fussy cats. But I tried this product the very same day that i received it. My cats loved it and I was surprisingly shocked. Needless to say, they have been munching away.
One of the best
This is one of the best cat foods. My cat loves it, eats less and is satisfied for longer.
I can say it was filling for my cat, but it made her drink lots of water, which is good and it lasts long
Brilliant product; but a bit pricey...
My cat have tried the Feline Cuisine. He absolutely loves! Dove straight into it when I gave it to him. It's a brilliant, healthy and well packaged product. It is a bit pricey though, compared to your normal shop brands, but cheaper if compared to Vet brands.
Feline Cuisine, walk-ins welcomed! :)
Fur-children loves it and it's great value for money. My cats actually don't like the more "expensive brands" I also like the fact that the bags are re-sealable and I would definitely recommend it to other
Great food
My cat loved this product!!! much more energy! Will be buying this from now on
seems delicious enough for seconds
My cat is loving this new food and keeps purring for seconds so I think this definitely must taste and smell better than her previous food. Plus she is more energetic, she plays more and seems so full of energy.
Good cat food my pets love it
they started eating immediately looks like they love it thanks

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