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A little goes long way
Great on burgers, meaty salads this product packs punch. A little goes a long way. Absolutely delicious if you love hot sauces. Great mixed with a bit of mayo for dunking chicken wings or potato wedges.
Not my first choice
I was looking for a new hot sauce to try and I have heard of this product before so i noticed it in woolworths and thought I'd give it a try. To say the least, i wasn't satisfied but i wasn't too dissapointed either. If you're a tabasco fan like myself, this sauce isn't for you. It actually lacks flavour in my opinion.
Flaming Tiger Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce
love this hot sauce theres nothing like this around...always first on my shopping list
Best sauce
Strong but has a very unique taste, quality... Absolutely love it.
Great on Burgers
This is a great hot sauce and perfect on burgers. Just be warned, if you not a garlic lover, give this a skip.
Heard only good things about this product so I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed! It's not just hot but tasty too.
My husband absolutely loves this sauce! It's perfect mixed in chicken and mayo for a toasted sandwich.
Amazing!! This is a must-have in our household. Love it!!
We all love hot stuff!! Anything just tastes better with a litter sriracha sauce on top or mixed in there..
Absolutely lovely hot sauce, really good mixed with Jimmy's marinade for the braai
Taste good, best with eggs. Some heat with a bit of sweetness
This is definitely a staple in my household we have it with almost everything - I am sure if I don't stop my husband he will have it with ice cream as well!! Great product
My family and I love spicy foods and this sauce is right up our alley...we love it!
I would really recommend the Flaming Tiger Sriracha hot chilli sauce as it is very delicious.
This is awesome to add to pasta dishes. Has just the right kick, not too hot & tasty flavour

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