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Flaming Tiger Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce
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Yummy . My teen son uses this on everything from eggs to meat
I have tried this product. Not too hot and a great taste.
Love this product. We add this to all our meals as it has a smoky, chille taste. Add it to mayonnaise for a alternative for a dip.
My husband and i are addicted to this sauce and has become part of the shopping list - the best of best sauce seriously
Taste divine,tried a sample at Woollies ,they add it to egg recipes
I Love this. Great flavor to anything. I just can't get enough.
We love this product, it has a hint of hot but amazing tasting. second bottle down in one month so far, well done!
I love this and buy it every two weeks..... I would recommend this for everybody that loves a bit of spice in life...
This sauce is the best from what's out there . The beauty about it is that it can be has with anything. I highly recommend every household to add this on to their shopping list.
Excellent sauce - full of flavor. Well balanced, not too hot. My family love it .
this sauce is nice and tangy,it just gives your food that loving touch.
My favourite by far,simply love it on all types of food.
I loooovvvveee hot foods, this sauce compliments any meal
This is one of our favourite chilli sauces ever and we LOVE chilli sauce. It's hot enough and very tasty. Only problem is that it's a bit expensive to buy every month.
O my , This stuff is strong. I told my son i need to buy and he gave me some because he said they love it . My mouth burnt so , he had to laugh . I found some recipies i want to try out. Sample please. I got myself a bottle and it is very nice in the food.

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