FutureLife High Protein Smart Food Original Flavour

4,5 5 0 155 155 It is high in Energy, Protein and Dietary Fibre. It helps with muscle recovery and gives optimal protein blend.
FutureLife High Protein Smart Food Original Flavour


Protein Power
I love the original flavour, and especially use it after a long distance sports event as recovery food. Great brand and product.
Very tasty shake
Good on the and there's too much satisfaction when using this shake
Future Life
We have it as porridge, as a drink or a smoothie. what a Filler on the Go! My mobile office has sachets of Future life. I keep a shaker jug in my handbag. I wash it and keep it next to my keys whenever I have to travel. Cold and hot water as well and I am set. I take advantage of most easy meals or drinks on the go. Ohh , did I tell you that I prefer not to chew when I am travelling? Drink Drink Drink.
Nice and tastey...My kids love it.....It's fast and easy to make....The taste is very good and it's affordable to buy..
Perfect breakfast
I liked the way it tastes, you become full for long and it gives energy.
Good quality
High in protein has all the vitamins and supplements in every bowl delightful
Has all the nutrients vitamins, supplements and iron you need for a long hard day taste great as a milkshake
Delicious porridge,my family enjoy it every time I prepare it .after my workouts I make it as a drink .big up too future life ❤️❤️❤️gives energy
Future life is the future
you never go wrong with this product. I has all the things the body requires and quick to prepare. I will recommend it anytime and any day for people to try it. Future life is the future.
Protein power
This cereal is great a meal or great when added to a smoothie. Tastes good and kids love it as well.
great cereal
has all the nutrients you need and is a great cereal for those that gym.
Perfect to start the day and provides the nutrition that is needed. An addition to what I can eat been diabetic and having limited means of swallowing anything over the last few months. Future life has proven to help with providing my body with the nutrition I need on a daily basis. I lost close to 50kg due to a throat infection and blockage of the esophagus, With future life I could make it as thin as possible to drink slowly and this has increased my energy levels. Hopefully start gaining some weight soon. Future life is now a monthly item on the shopping list.
Great product
Since we started the health journey, we have incorporated smoothies into our diet. Futurelife is high in protein, so I add it to our daily smoothie. To give sustainability through out the day.
I used this product and i taste so good. The whole family loves it but it get finish quickly
I like it more especially when I'm on diet it's so filling

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