3,8 5 0 55 55 It is the first and only scientifically formulated Low GI food, to contanin no added cane sugar. Can be enjoyed as a meal, shake or a smoothie. Great product for active individuals or weight conscious.
FutureLife Zero Smart+ Food
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Futurelife Zero
My hubby is diabetic and finds this cereal great to have in the mornings. He sometimes adds fruit and yoghurt and turns it into a smoothie.
my day is not complete without this
this product is very good for those wanting to lose weight, as it maintains your blood sugar, and i dont feel hungry soon after eating a bowl
Future life is a product that is growing so well, always advancing its products to the current needs of the consumer
healthier option
I normally purchase the regular futurlife, but I like the ZERO one as it has less sugar and still a great taste,
I absolutely love this porridge and it is so versatile. I enjoy it hot and cold, as a porridge, a drink or as part of my smoothies. Delicious!
I love all future life products, it make me feel great and keep me regular and taste great too so that is a bonus
The best energy cereal
Since my ex-boyfriend introduced me to FutureLife, there was no going back. I had a lie-in day one weekend and ate an entire box of it - no shame! The Zero without added sugar definitely is different, but I've found half a stevia packet to give it that kick. The original and chocolate are by far the winners here. And when you get your consistency right... wow it's amazing. What I love especially is that I can add a little bit of water to save on milk and not taste the difference - it's creamy enough as it is! So come month-end, I can still have my FutureLife, even if it means pretending cremora and water is the same as milk :D
dislike the taste
Very filling only problem was that I didn't like the taste. Not very nice.
I don't really like the taste of future life but do have to say that it keeps you full for a long time. I think they should improve their taste.
Absolutely loved it, Gave me energy, no bloatedness, tastes awesome.
Tasteless!!! Odd texture too - not sure if its just my palate. Only tried it once and now the remainder of the entire box stands untouched.😑
I have tried this, and it is terrible! No flavour what so ever, would never eat this again!
I love that i can make it a shake in the morning, and use it as a meal replacement, very easy to prepare, it saves me a lot of time, love it.
i have tried this one before but dont like it much. rather used it my smoothies
I have tried this product and love the great taste. I can make smoothies with it for the on the go moments.

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