FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with Probiotic Capsules

4,5 5 0 273 273 <p> Good digestion requires both fibre (bran) and live beneficial cultures (Probiotics). <b>FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes</b> is the world’s first breakfast to combine <b>fibre AND probiotics</b> to support the functioning of the gut. This makes eating FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes with Probiotics the smart thing to do.<br> <br> - High in Dietary Fibre (39% of your daily fibre requirement)<br> ~ Howaru® Probiotic quality you can feel<br> ~ Improved Digestive Wellness with Fibre + Probiotics<br> </p>
FUTURELIFE® Bran Flakes and Barley with Probiotic Capsules


Healthy digestive
everyone want good and a healthy digestive system and the futurelife bran flakes is the best in the stores.
Love it
Love the texture, keeps my stubborn gut regular. Eat it every morning, very filling.
Future life with added Barley
Thank you future life for an amazing product. With the added barley it has helped my digestive system tremendously. My hubby and kids also love future life products. We have tried so many different future life cereals. My smaller son loves the chocolate flavoured smart food and it is his go to breakfast everyday. I have also recommended future life products to my friends and extended family.
Healthy and Tasty
My whole family loves this cereal. My husband and daughter struggle with indigestion and this product not only taste good but is healthy and has helped them both very much. Love love love it. A muat have in my kitchen
Love, love, love!
Hubby and I both love this cereal. Great taste with added value probiotics. We love the taste and it's quite affordable too. A must on our monthly grocery list👍👍👍
This product exceeded my expectation. It is so fulfilling and it has such a great taste.
Great product
I regular use brand flakes but this product which has barley in is just so much better.the taste is great and quality is outstanding.plu the 10 day probiotics is great for the gut .
Digestive Health
The best digestive health product I have ever tried. Amazing taste.
Improved digestive system
I used to have problem with constipation but ever since i started with futurelife bran flakes , toilet is my friend
Futurelife Bran Flakes & Barley
I love this product, it's my first day and I had it for breakfast this morning. I am still full thru the day. I will comment again when I finished the product. Kudos Futurelife 👍👍👍
Great product for digestive health!
I tried this product for the first time a few months ago, and I've never looked back! It's my go-to breakfast for a healthy digestive system, highly recommend Futurelife Bran Flakes and Barley.
The best tasting bran flakes around
I recently came across Future life's new Bran and Barley flakes and let me tell you: they are the best tasting on the market for me!! I use it for its fibre content and gut happy probiotic powders that comes with it. Being on the wrong side of 30 means that I need to look after myself in the roughage department and Future Life certainly does it for me. Highly recommended :)
Futurelife bran flakes
I love the new and improved futurelife bran flakes with probiotic. It keeps me regular and helps with digestive issues, it's wholesome and full of fiber, loved by all my family members
#FUTURELIFE Simply the best I suffered from reflux and terrible indigestion an being introduced to Future Life bran flakes , I feel amazing waking up to a healthy breakfast with Future Life Bran Flakes. The probitic capsules is doing wonders for my gut. Future Life you came to my rescue Thank you so much for bringing so much deliciousness into my life and making me feel healthier than ever. #FuturelifeBranFlakes I would highly recommend this fantastic product to all who suffers from the above mentioned
I'm not someone who is very big on breakfast. Also not very fond of cereals. I received a box of Futurelife Bran & Barley. I tried it with some yogurt. And honestly I was hooked! I haven't looked back since. I enjoy it as breakfast with yogurt or as a snack during the day also with yogurt. Not only does it help my keep regular, it also contains vitamins and minerals. I am a huge Futurelife fan!! I even convinced a few of my cousins to get hooked.

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