4,6 5 0 177 177 The Pure range has been specifically developed to help fight imperfections and excess sebum. A triple mineral power for anti imperfection action.
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Good for oily skin
Left my face feeling very clean but a bit dry only because i have naturally dry skin. Highly recommend for people with oily skin
Holy grail product
I simply can not do without this product! I have problem skin and find that most cleansers designed for acne prone/oily skin are waaaay to harsh and makes the oil problem even worse...which leads to more blemishes. Not this product, its simply perfect. Bonus is that it works as a mask as well. I always keep a spare, because since this product is so incredibly popular, chances are, it might be sold out when you run out :)
Garnier 3 in 1
I have used Garnier it's amazing it really works. I had a problem with black heads but since I started using this product I dont have that problem anymore. I have been using the product for more than 4 years now.
Best ever face wash. It washes , musk and scrub. Doesn't damage the skin. Leaves the skin smooth and glowing in few weeks after using it. The results are soo perfect. Would recommend it to anyone with skin problem
effective cleanse
A really great product to use as a mask or wash. I used it while I was pregnant and it helped soak up and control oiliness
love this product is great on the skin just amazing
Using this product currently and i am loving it. Since going off the pill my face really started to become oily, I saw that Dischem had a 3 for 2 special going on and figured I would give this a try. Had a pimple, washed my face, left the cream on as a mask...next morning pimple dried out and GONE! It does make my skin feel slightly dry & tight after washing, but I just lather my creams on and then it feels fine.
This is an awesome product! I've recently bought this, after my original Garnier face wash with charcoal ran out. This is a winner - a must have for anyone who loves multi-tasking products! And so easy to use! The smell is great, I love the texture of it, whether I'm using it with water or without!
I love this product! Smells awesome and makes my skin feel fresh. Easy to use and real money saver because it is a face wash, scrub and mask in one
have seen this in shop but havent bought it yet as not sure whether it will help. please send sample
I really enjoyed this product as its great and lasts long.
it really work and last me for up to 3 months
i have tried this products.Its amazing i love it.
i love this product. it really does wonders for my skin
I love this product! all in one so simple and effective.. need to get some more.

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