4,6 5 0 48 48 Notes of exotic spices, transparent jasmine, warm amber and oud wood are skillfully blended in this cocooning indulgence of modern luxury. </p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/glade-elegant-amber-oud.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
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Refreshing smell
I love the way it give my home a freshing smell and lasts so much longer. I love it:)
Glade elegant amber
I prefer lavender and cotton scents to these over powering scents . That's just my preference. I suffer from migraines brought on by smells,it may smell nice to other people. I dont say it's a bad product,just not suitable to me .
Smells like home
I love how 'homey' this scent is. It's fresh, yet comforting, comforting yet clean. It's long lasting and creates a nice atmosphere.
This scent is subtle yet fills the room with a long lasting fresh smell. I like that this product disguises bad odors and leaves the room smelling great. I would recommend this product
Glade: Automatic refill air freshener
My favourite home air freshener!!! I would recommend this air freshener to anyone who enjoys aromatic scents. It's subtle and calm, love, love it!!!
Love it!
When I read oud, it immediately caught my attention. This smells so nice. It smells like an expensive perfume. Who doesn’t want your home smelling like that?
Glade Elegant amber& oud
I use it in my toilet, it gives the toilet a fresh smell, in a way thath I even forget that I'm in the toilet
Excellent product
Very effective natural smelling product. Concentrated and long lasting
Best Air freshener ever
Superb product which is concentrated and highly effective. Natural and woody fragrance.
Thumbs up
Absolutely amazing I always have it in the house smells great
Glade Amber and Oud
Absolutely love the smell of this product. I tried it in August and it leaves you home smelling rich and fresh. From a price point of view it is extremely affordable.
Amazing smell
This product is amazing and keeps your home smelling nice and fresh all day long I don’t have to keep spraying or activating it.just the price is a little steep
Perfect smell
Unfortunately I did not get a sample but i bought myself the freshener last week when I was doing my monthly groceries. The colour and the name of the smell caught my eye. It smells awesome. Its perfect for people who suffer from sinuses, it does not have an irritation to the nose.
best product and user friendly,smells amazing.tried it once and definitely going to be using it
Absolutely love the smell. My home always smell fresh and clean. Smell lasts longer

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