4,6 5 0 42 42 Notes of exotic spices, transparent jasmine, warm amber and oud wood are skillfully blended in this cocooning indulgence of modern luxury. </p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/glade-elegant-amber-oud.html"><b>here</b></a> to purchase.
Glade Elegant Amber & Oud
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Glade Amber room spray - Bliss
I purchased this spray in December and it was lighter than what I expected from the packaging, in a pleasant way. It controlled pet and cigarette odours well (with family members smoking cigars even) , and a feeling of nostalgia was brought about. I hope they keep this scent and its not just a once off.
Glade Elegant Amber & Oud
I loved the product, it filled my house with a nice long lasting fresh smell . I would recommend it to my friends. No improvements required on the product. Definately recommended.
Glade sensation
Glade has been the best fragrance I've used. It's stays longer in the air and it has a great after smell. I'd definitely recommend it to family and friends, I know my house can't go without it smelling so fresh and easy to use.
Glade elegant amber and
I love this spray it keeps my home smelling good all day it's like you you in some paradise that amber smell is the best you will swear someone sprayed perfume in the house.
luxurious fragrance
luxurious fragrance, left my home smelling very expensive and rich
Love the smell
Every 18 minutes it smells as if the house has been freshly cleaned. Best hidden secret!
glade air freshener
I have tried almost all the Glade Air Freshers. They all smells great. Having smokers in our house and at the office, it's simply a must. Glade works the best. Its nice when your family come over and compliment me on how nice the house smells. Thanks to Glade :)
Best yet
I love my house smelling great and can't always find something that lasts long in the air... I've used most of the types of scents and love all of them... Wouldn't change
Love the smell each room in my house has a tin my house always smells fresh
Smells amazing
This glade air freshener has made people not want to leave my house, I keep it in my bedroom but it makes the whole house smell amazing with just a few sprays a voila your house is a palace. Lo
The best
Has the best smell in our home. Last for the longest time. We normally leave the house in the early hours of the morning and come back late so when we come back, our home would be have a refreshing smell
Great Smelling
I am a smoker, I find that this range helps with the smell of smoke in the household. Very pleasant smell :)
A breath of freshness!
Gives my home a beautiful smell. Great coming in from work after a long day and you walk into such a scent. I instantly feel more relaxed. I would definitely recommend it, especially to workaholics.
Refreshing smell
I love the way it give my home a freshing smell and lasts so much longer. I love it:)
Glade elegant amber
I prefer lavender and cotton scents to these over powering scents . That's just my preference. I suffer from migraines brought on by smells,it may smell nice to other people. I dont say it's a bad product,just not suitable to me .

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