Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener 180ml

4,7 5 0 203 203 Romance fills the air as juicy notes of red fruits flirt with bold florals, perfectly balanced by relaxing white woods and creamy musk.
Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener 180ml


It quickly refreshes the bathroom smell to something sweet in a matter of one spray which means that the product last very long and is of good use . Although it is a bit strong for kids I’d still recommend it
I love the smell
I’m a great fan of cherries so the glade 5 in 1 has really been my best friend in making sure my apartment smells as nice as it looks even better smells like cherries
Breath of fresh air
leaves my house smelling fresh with long lasting fragrance. I would highly recommend this product.
Good product
My house smell great with this air freshener, always feels a fresh breath and the smell is everything that one will need. If they could only change the lid
Glade spray
Love it but it fades pretty fast otherwise I love it! It made me feel this way cause I smelled it and I like that it’s a good price for a bottle. I 1000000% recommend
Good smells
It really freshens up the restroom after it's been used. The fragrance lasts longer and it takes quite a long time to finish the whole can. I am really happy about the fragrance the brand provides.
Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry
Glade Secrets Aerosol Air Fresheners has been a delightful addition to my home for many years already. Blooming Peony & Cherry scent is incredibly refreshing and adds a burst of pleasant fragrance to any room. I appreciate how long-lasting it is; just a quick spray goes a long way in freshening up the entire space, and the fragrance lingers for a long time. I'm really impressed with how effectively it masks odors while leaving a lovely scent behind. It's definitely my new favorite, and I highly recommend it to others.
Glade air freshner Lave
Glade air fresheners are great for those who don't like strong scents such as candles, it keeps the room smelling clean and fresh without overpowering you. I like the Lavender scent on the passages and The linen one for my bedrooms.
I'm very skeptical about buying and trying new new products but I always give it a try and if I like it I'll buy again but if it's not satisfactory I won't it must have gentle but a fragrance that illuminates odours not make it worse would definitely then recommend it.
Glades secrets
The smell is alot better than most toilet freshners. Smells like fresh flowers and leaves smell lingering for awhile
Love the product
The very best product for odour, it smell very nice and leave the room with that good smell for a very long time
Great fragrance and longer lasting!!
What an affordable way to improve the smell of my home. The scent is longer lasting and it somehow helps to improve my mood. My home smells lovely and I recommend this product!!!
Best scent ever
I love this product, it has a delicate, yet fresh smell. Love the floral after scent leaves.
The scent
Best scent ever, the room smells brilliant for a long time I don't like perfume most of the time but with this one I love it, no improvements on this product and yes I would recommend this
Strong scent
The scent is too strong it will make you sneeze and cough, generally it is a lovely smell but too strong for me.

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