Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener 180ml

4,8 5 0 38 38 Romance fills the air as juicy notes of red fruits flirt with bold florals, perfectly balanced by relaxing white woods and creamy musk.
Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener 180ml


My preference is the scent not too strong but moderate. The scent lasts longer in a room
i will buy it again
I Will definitely buy it again. We use this in our store. Bathroom, stinky customer, someone let one loose... works great. Great value, good scent
I ove glade products and I buy it every month end and I'm happy with the quality and the fragrance the smells is magnificent and the aroma last long and is very refreshing to use
Home Refreshment product
The smell of it is so refreshing. Everytime when I gather my cleaning utensils, it's always the first. My house is so refreshing and smelling nicer because of the sweet refreshing aroma of it.
Fragrance lasts longer my house smell fresh and clean.
Glade - finger slip
I used this specific Glade room freshener and I loved the smell, but it was quite difficult to press the spray button. I eventually ended up pressing it with my thumb, which is super uncomfortable. The smell lasts quite a while, which is nice.
Smell so nice
I love the smell. My gests allways ask me what i odours in hous love it
This is the best product ever, it has the very elegant smell...I would definitely recommend it to someone else. The smell stays on the room for a very long time and it leaves the room smell good.
Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener
This is really good! It helps me after changing my niece's nappy. It leaves a very sweet and fresh smell whenever I spray it. I would really recommend it for every mommy out there.
Clean Linen is my choice!
The smell is long lasting and very affordable. I love the clean linen one and have the automatic sprayer. It is not a scent that goes up your nose, it's a lovely scent in the background and smells fresh!
Glade has always been a family favourite. For it’s ever lasting scent and eco-friendly properties that’s a definite must have for anyone looking to have a space thats smelling fresh.
Glade Secrets Blooming Peony & Cherry Aerosol Air Freshener 180ml
This scent is great, and super affordable, I really enjoy walking into a good smelling room, so this makes that possible and the smell is long lasting and very potent, would definitely recommend
Glade amazing fragrance
It just smell amazing I use it everywhere in my car in the house on my clothes and bedding I just love the smell of the glade products the flower scent is just amazing I love the smell of flowers and glade brings that in my house
very fancy and it smells nice. I love the the smell
i totally enjoy this product, it smells devine and the smell lasts for a very long time.

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