Go Nuts Peanut Butter

4,8 5 0 75 75 Made with 90% select, choice-grade peanuts, perfectly grounded to create the smoothest, most spreadable Peanut Butter that is perfect for lunches, snacks, smoothies or just anytime. GO NUTS!
Go Nuts Peanut Butter


Value for money Yummy. The flavour is exactly the same delicious
very happy
My kids love this peanut butter. They are the worst critics I know. Well done
Go nuts
Smooth ,affordable and very delicious my family likes it a lot
Saw it a while back and it has become our "go to" peanut butter. Nice and nutty not too sweet
Clover peanut butter
I saw it for the first time two weeks ago. The merchendiser recommended it and I bought it. It is actually very nice and smooth. My kids love it
My kids Favorite
My kids enjoys it, it's so yummy and affordable.
My new favorite!!
I absolutely enjoy this new peanut butter. Very affordable, smoother than all the other brands I've had. For a new brand this one definitely exceeded my expectations. Definitely my new first choice, to GO NUTS for!!
The yummiest peanut butter
I absolutely love this peanut butter it’s so smooth and delicious not to mention affordable. However it is a bit difficult to spread when it’s colder but nevertheless definitely a favorite
Go Nuts Peanut butter
My kids have an acquired taste when it comes to peanut butter. This one has the perfect balance. From the texture to the taste. Its really delicious and came in affordable as well. I would definitely recommend to other moms.
Go Nuts Peanut Butter.
My family tried this product recently. Flavour was good but we all found it was a lot drier in texture and when it came to spreading onto bread/toast. I'm not sure if I would purchase this product again.
MY kids and I love this peanut better I wish I can be able to buy it more often but since I'm not working it's difficult but who ever wants to buy it please do you won't regret it
Simply NUTritous
This product is so smooth and lighter than others I tasted and creamy with a slight sweetness which I actually like .
Rich, smooth and absolutely delicious. Perfect for the whole family
This peanut butter is smooth and delicious you can enjoy it with any type of bread.
Go Nuts
I had to taste it after my son chose it from the shelves. Tasty

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