4,8 5 0 153 153 The secret's in the softness. Now the choice is yours, you can bake one double cake or 24 cupcakes and it comes with icing mix.
Golden Cloud Cake Chocolate Flavoured with Icing mix
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Cake mix
Now this is just the best thing... I enjoy baking..., but the Golden Cloud cake mix is the best. So easy to make and moist, fluffy and just perfect. The vanilla cake mix is just as nice. yum yum yum.... Love the icing that comes with it too.
tried it, so simple thanks for making baking easy!
Yummy yummy cake who does not like vake swret temptation
quick and easy
my life saver product when it comes to baking for my kids cupcakes for school. quick and easy and spending less time in the kitchen and cleaning. the cupcakes comes out nice and moist
Easy to make. Great Taste. Even children can bake this.
What a wonderful cheat, quick and easy. Love that it comes with frosting too
Golden Cloud Cake Chocolate Flavoured with Icing mix
Soft and fluffy cake texture. Also has three option recepices to choose from to suit your desired out come. Very quick and easy steps. Product definately recommended.
Golden Cloud Chocolate cake
The cake was super moist. Will definitely buy again.
Best mix
I love this cake mix it saves time and it has the best taste
Cake mix
I am not a very good baker, so this is perfect for me and on top of that it tastes really good!
I bake alot and this cake mix is a life saver. I like making cupcakes with it and they always come out so perfect.The fact that it has icing mix is a bonus. I would recommend it to all the people who love baking.
Best chocolate cake mix
So easy to make and it's so good I always stock up on these
golden cloud
this product is so fast and sufficient when the gets comes uninvited, the taste is awesome and easy to make, instructions is good and would not change this product, will recommend it to all who love to bake
Best product
Best product ever.i use these to make cucakes that i bake daily for sale. Tasty and super easy
Taste of heaven
I've tried this product just once and there's no doubt I'd ever stop using it. It's full of moisture and decadence. The icing is to die for. I extremely love the chocolately taste.

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