4,8 5 0 36 36 New and revolutionary soft and chewy vitamins. Ideal for kids of all ages. Free of preservatives, free of artificial colours and flavours, free of yeast, wheat and eggs.
Gummy Vites
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gummy vites
i have given my kids this product when they were little now i am giving it to my grandkids and they think it is awesome, this product has improvement itself over the years and the package is done neatly, would still recommend it to others
Good vitamins for kids to start the day, my son enjoys them he actually thinks it's sweets.
Great for kids
This product is great for kids. My daughter loves the taste and it keeps her going throughout the day, keeping her healthy
Gummy bears
I bough these for my kids a few months ago and they are very good, helps them with their appetites
Gummy must
I would recommend this to anyone. This is the only vitamin my kids would tolerate
Gummy Vites
I give these to my kids every morning before going to creche, believe me even if you forget they will remind you (they think its sweets). Clicks is the perfect store to buy them because of those 3 for 2 promotions
Kids Vites
My kids love their vites sweets and think they are having sweets for real.
Love the Product
I love this product so much. My little one cannot wait to get his vites in the morning. What's even more fun is that it looks like gummy bear sweet. It makes the entire process of giving vites to him some much easier.
My kids absolutely love Gummy Vites. They think is sweets. Easiest vitamins to give a child.
Gummy Vites is the only multi vitamin I give my 2 year old daughter and she simply loves them. I have not tried the Propolis & Echinacea flavour yet, but all the other flavours are awesome! Will definitely be on the lookout for this one.
Ons koop Gummy Vites vir die kleinkind en hy is mal oor die heerlike smaak van die vitamine wil altyd meer en meer hê moet net keer hy dink dis lekker nannas en dit help vir goeie ekstra vitamine veral wanneer hy maar traag is om te eet dit laat mens gerus wees hy kry die nodige vitamines in wat nodig is
2 great ingredients to build the immune system and help with colds / coughs
My fiances son LOVES these...only ones he wants to eat at the moment- so the only ones we buy :) only problem is he always wants "just one more please"
My 3 year old loves these. He thinks its sweets so I also have to hide it. He hasnt been sick in a while so I guess they work.
My son loves this, I don`t knw if its working, probably is but he wants one all the time, I have to hide them lol!

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