4,7 5 0 61 61 Handy Andy cleaning expertise, with the germ killing power of Domestos is now available for your floors giving your floors an impeccable shine and 99.9% germ kill all around your home.
Handy Andy All in 1 Floor Cleaner with Domestos
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This works!
Smells great. Disinfects. Multipurpose. a housemaker's dream. A trusty aid for your cleaning. I worked in hospitality for a while, and this product was iiiiit.
handy andy all in 1
this is a great product that cleans quite well. I think the addition of domestos is awesome for that extra germ killing power that is much needed right now! overall it is great and would recommend
Good product
Its cleans good.easy yo use also.especially with kids you know they they can play freely because the floor wl be clean.since its handy andy and domesyos.no need of buying them separetely
Great Combo
Great value for money because it’s the best of both worlds combined into one powerful product. It smells great, cleans well and disinfects at the same time. Definitely recommend it.
Very good product I like it very good in that is disinfecting and cleans at same time
Handy Andy All in 1 Floor Cleaner with Domestos
This product is amazing. Cleans well and smells great too.
Best of both worlds
A combination of two of my favourite products. Let's keep things hygienic.
Handy Andy
Why buy two products when you can have it all in one convenient package. Power of two favourites combined.
Cleaning power WITH disinfectant!
The cleaning power of Handy Andy WITH the disinfectant properties of Domestos. Mix it and together with a great smell; the combination cannot be beaten. What a great mix of products! Well done!
Best for shower tiles
I transferred a spray bottle. Sprayed it on the shower floor and walls. Leave for 5 min. open the shower to Luke warm temp.. Grout clean.. Tiles clean and smells great
Good purchase
Received the product free during a online purchase at pnp. The floora smells fresh and clean. I loved it
Great AIO
Awesome to have one product that does the job of multiple!
Handy andy and domestos for clean and germs free household
Been using the product for years in the kitchen,bathrooms and cleaning floors, eliminates germs and leaves the house shiny and sparkles clean.
Great 👍
This is product is amazing . Cleans great and smells great !
Handy Andy, the trusted brand
Keeps my home clean and smelling fresh always. Handy Andy is the trusted brand

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