Handy Andy Potpourri Cleaning Cream

4,6 5 0 238 238 The number one selling surface cleaning brand in South Africa has created a multi-purpose cream that eliminates the toughest grime around your home. Whatever the surface, whether it’s a quick or full deep clean, this potpourri scented all-purpose cleaner will help you get the stunning results you seek.
Handy Andy Potpourri Cleaning Cream


Handy Andy potpourri
I like this product alot. Infection I love the entire Handy Andy range. The potpourri scent smells devine leaving my home smelling devine. I just need to make sure I wipe the surfaces properly to prevent residual sticking to surfaces
Love it
I love the smell and it gets rid of stains easily.
Fresh and clean
I always buy handy andy for general cleaning. It cleans and makes my house smell fresh for longer. My only concern is that it tends to leave a dull residue if not thoroughly wiped off
Grease off fresh smell on
This is perfect for a gas stove, hard to reach places and grease removal. I love how quickly it works and leaves a fresh fragrance.
Smells good
I live the smell, it removed oil stains from my dress. My kitchen is super clean.
Smell beautiful
Love that it does the job it needs too also adding a very lovely scent aswell
handy Andy best cleaner ever
I love the smell, using it for years now, and I noticed it's not as thick and foamy anymore.
I'm happy with this cause this product has been around for years in my family but I have noticed that it doesn't have foam like it used too. I still love the smell and the sparkling clean that it provides.
Clean and smelling great
Cleans surface with no scratches. Gets rid of stains and leaves a shine. It smells good. I even use it when cleaning my tiles and bathroom. Happy with product and it's cost effective
Multi purpose clean
This product is so satisfying, removes the dirt, stains and toughness surfaces. The cream handy andy leaves your place clean and smooth.
Handy Andy is the best
I am loving it..using it for my kitchen and bathroom ..I just love the way it makes everything shine and how it leaves my house smelling great..
Works best on grease
Cleans my stove, oven ,microwave, etc very nicely. I love the fact that is is not corrosive or damaging, it just removes what is unwanted and leaves my stove shining. It a must have especially for homes with many children they fry, use microwave without covering the food and all that. Handy andy will come in handy.
Great cleaning product
I love love this product, I use it to clean the bathroom, shower tiles and even floor. The smell isn’t overpowering so it’s usable in the presence of babies
Great product
Handy Andy is the only product I use in my shower. It cleans my shower perfectly and it smells amazing afterwards.
It smells so good and it is powerful when it comes to cleaning. No need for hardworking

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