Handy Andy Potpourri Cleaning Cream

4,7 5 0 114 114 The number one selling surface cleaning brand in South Africa has created a multi-purpose cream that eliminates the toughest grime around your home. Whatever the surface, whether it’s a quick or full deep clean, this potpourri scented all-purpose cleaner will help you get the stunning results you seek.
Handy Andy Potpourri Cleaning Cream


100% cleaning product!
This new formulation is the best! It's removes stubborn dirt and grease very well, I just don't like the smell of it, but it's does a good job like it should, I recommend it 100%
Not what I expected
I am a big fan of Handy Andy as we have been using it since I was very young. I have to say since the rebranding, I am very disappointed with the quality of the product. It does not foam as much and does not seem to clean as well as before. I am loyal to the brand, but have been considering other products as I am currently not happy with the standard. It results in it getting finished much quicker since everyone feels the need to use more to get the same results we are used to.
The best
It leaves surfaces smelling clean and fresh.
Handy Andy potpourri
Still the cleaning power of Handy Andy only with a more pleasant odor. Tough on dirt still leaving the surface area scratch free and clean. With Handy Andy dirt and grime are a thing of the past.
Simply the best
Love how it cleans plastic furniture and oh don't forget the stove and oven smells fresh an clean
Its amazing
Smells good, removes grease and stains. It makes cleaning so much easier.
Handy Andy potpourri
I use it to clean my white plastic chairs and white walls, it works like magic even on my leather sneakers. The bathrooms smell fresh and clean. Its an all rounder.
Great product leaves surfaces clean and smelling good using it for years
Handy Andy
I Love this product. I'm definitely going to buy more of it.
Very nice
Impressed with this product. Handy Andy put in the work. It doesn't have the thick handy Andy scent that lingers, instead the pleasant potpourri aroma is what you smell. Nice very nice
Handy Andy Potpourri cream
Love it, love it, love it. Great addition to the Handy Andy product line. Gets the job done and well and leaves no residue. Bottle is firm and strong enough. Crowd pleaser.
Sparkling clean
I only use handy andy, it's the best for cleaning properly
Handy and potpourri cleaning cream
So I have bought this and I was happy with it I really clean cleans and leave that fresh smell and it is not so hash on the skin so I'm a happy camper with this product
Handy andy
Handy andy is always amazing ! Very affordable
Awesome product
I use this handy Andy on my bathroom tub and hand basin, it smells amazing and it is not harsh both on my hands and bathroom.

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