4,6 5 0 10 10 Harpic Active Freshness contains detergents that are activated with the water in each flush. It eliminates bad odours and leaves a fresh fragrance. Each block lasts for up to four weeks.
Harpic Active Freshness – Floral Burst refill
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Fresh bathroom always
This is the only cistern blocks that I use since I can remember. My mom also used it. They are so effective and smells fresh.
Harpic active fresh leaves my toilet smelling fresh and leaves the bowl clean!
Great !!! I use this as well with the Harpic Liquid
This is a great product and value for money. The clean fresh smell that lasts and keeps the bowl sparkling clean.
I always have Harpic Fresh , But i have not seen this one , i should go look again, if the others work i hope this one do to.
every toilet in the world ought to have these, great invention!
i have not tried this product but im a big fan of the harpic range will look out for it
Great stuff! Finally a product that delivers what is promised. Well done Harpic!
great on toilets that are even nearer to kitchens and dining rooms as the smell of dirt is killed instantly and effective freshness takes place for long.
I have used this product. Very fresh smelling. Keeps toilet bowl clean and white. Put this in your toilet and wave those smelly toilet goodbye

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