4,6 5 0 467 467 It helps maintain a shiny toilet leaving a pleasant fragrance in the room and can lasts up to 4 weeks.
Harpic Fresh Power 6 Marine Splash Block
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it is excellent. keeps the toilet fresh and clean all day long.,I like how makes the water blue it lasts long too
Great product with a little concern
I used this a while ago and I instantly love the cleanliness that it brought to my toilet and the fresh Smell in the entire bathroom. I had to stop using though because of the hygiene hazard with my three year old who found a new toy in the toilet. Either that that, it’s a great product for household that doesn’t have toddlers.
Power Block
Harpic Fresh Power 6 Marine Splash Block is the best product for my toilet as it leaves it smelling fresh for longer and one doesn't even have to use other harsh chemicals to clean as it is a cleanser as well.
This harpic make the toilet to be fresh and smell wonderful
this product is excellent. keeps the toilet fresh fresh all day long. it lasts long too
Just the thing to have bathroom smelling great!
I was quite impressed by this product! Bought the green and blue one but blue definitely my favourite. Makes the whole bathroom smell fresh. Would recommend this product anyday.
Harpic Fresh power
Love it. Its keeps the toilet clean and smelling fresh with every flush. And also it last longer than most if not all. I highly recommend it.
A must have!!
I like this product cause it leaves the cistern clean. It gives the whole toilet an extremely fresh smell
Fresh smelling toilet
Keeps the toilet clean and smelling fresh all the time. You are guaranteed a new scrub with every flush.
Fresh n Clean
This product keeps my toilet clean and smelling fresh all day.
I love the fact that it hugs firmly on my toilet seat. The toilet looks clean with every flash and it leaves the toilet smelling fresh. I loved it. I would definitely recommend this product.
Great product with a lasting fresh smell and does not cost so much
Great product
Although it does its job, keeping the toilet bowl fresh and clean, no sogginess, it does not last long as it counterparts.
Great buy
Although this product does its job, i can't help but give 4 stars only because it leaves a stain inside the toilet when used. Other than that it's my go-to to keep my toilet fresh and smelling good
This product leaves your toilet clean and it smells fresh after every flush... I will definitely buy again.

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