4,6 5 0 70 70 It helps maintain a shiny toilet leaving a pleasant fragrance in the room and can lasts up to 4 weeks.
Harpic Fresh Power 6 Marine Splash Block
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Harpic Fresh Power 6 marine
Must say this clean and leaves my toilet smelling fresh. It is a very good product to have an it is one that I will be using, will recommend it to all my friends. Will keep on using it
Clean toilet bowls with every flush
Product is easy to use and can last up to four weeks depending on number of flushes. Left toilet bowl clean with fresh smell
Fresh fresh fresh
Harpic Fresh power 6 gives your bathroom and toilet area the extra clean feeling with a great fresh smell
Leaves a ever lasting great fragrance. .............
This product is absolutely amazing. It cleans the toilet, while leaving a fragrant smell after every flush.
Cleans very well
I bought this in March at checkers and I like how it smells and it doesn't leave broken pieces around . it did finish a bit quickly but i was satisfied when it did. this was a delight to se. i will definetely buy it again
Refreshed rest Room
This product is the way to to go for it leaves the rest room smelling so automatic and relaxing...
Great product at a good price
I love how effective this product is and the smell is divine. No more "toilet" smells for us!
Have tried other products but goes back to what i really like. Looks good in the toilet and cleans well
I bought this a few times. I like the smell but I’m not happy with how quick it goes. It doesn’t last long but I’m happy with it.
Long lasting frangrance
Cleans the toilet without too much effort and leaves a fresh smell in the bathroom.
Last for Long
This product is brilliant, get rid of the stains and frequently washes the toilet on your behalf
Permeates perfectly
Lasted longer than 3 weeks, left the most pleasant odor behind. Toilet was crystal clear, an absolute pleasure to witness! Even left the toilet seat up! Great product
Freshness last long
It last longer than other products I have tried, also doesn't change color of your toilet and leaves it smelling fresh each time
Fragrant toilet
Excellent product leaves my toilet clean and fresh.

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