Harpic White and Shine

4,8 5 0 820 820 Harpic White & Shine Original Toilet Cleaner is a thick bleach with baking soda, for a hygienic clean.
Harpic White and Shine


Leaves your toilet sparkling smelling good
Your toilet smell good, clean sparkling and you can seat and forget that you are in the bathroom
Tops in Hygiene
I love the clean smell it leaves long after cleaning. And it cleans effortlessly.
I always have Harpic in my bathroom for a quick and easy cleaning, disinfecting and fresh smelling bathroom.
Better than the best
I am very to the T when it comes to cleaning my home, especially the bathroom and Harpic just makes it so easy leaving the toilet fresh and clean.
Harpic white and clean
I love it ,it cleans very well and leaves my bathroom smelling great
Best smelling toilet
I love using this Harpic very hygienic and also leaves my toilet smelling good and clean
I Love My toilet Cause of Harpic
This literally help rid my OCD and took care of my phobia of dirty smelly toilets, especially with toddlers. The toilets is literally germ free and makes life easier as the children are safer 🥰
Any brighter?
My toilet bowl knows nothing better than this. True to its word, it does its work
Extra clean
Very good product. Keeps surfaces stain free.
Super bright and clean
It is sparkling cleaner my toilet and bathroom shines bright when I use harpic white and shine, the fresh smell coming from my bathroom and shower is amazing
Harpic White & Shine
One of the best products I've used in a while. I would highly recommend it. Works even best when left over night in a toilet bowl......
Perfect home cleaning product
My bathrooms are no longer the same since I used it and love to introduce other ladies to use it as there is no need to scrub it automatically cleans for you as you leave it in for few minutes
The best you can get
I have used this and love it as it leaves the bathroom clean with a shine and also smelling fresh. I would totally recommend this product.
Good product
This product is good for purpose and I like using this product in my house
Lovely product, truly amazing for everyday use especially for my toilet. I keep it there for everyone to use just to constantly keep the toilet fresh and clean at all times. Multi-purpose cleaner, because I sometimes use it to clean my tiles and it keeps them clean and white. Leaves the house with a fresh clean smell. Great packaging!

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