4,8 5 0 139 139 Harpic has introduced a thick a bleach with baking soda to whiten & shine more killing 99.9% germs.
Harpic White & Shine Thick Bleach with Baking Soda Potpourri
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It leaves the toilet clean and the fresh smell lasts
Bright white
My toilet has never been brighter and whiter. I love how fresh and clean it leaves my toilet
Keeps the toilet smelling fresh and clean also keeps it shining
Excellent product and value for money
I have always liked Harpic, but since trying this with added bicarb- I am blown away. It literally cleans for you and my toilet and fresh and sparkling for much longer. Great fragrance too. You really cant go wrong here.
White and Shine
The harpic white and shine Leaves the toilet clean and shiny.
What a winner
I just love this incredible product. It is so easy to clean with, leave the toilet smelling and looking fresh. A very trustworthy product. You just can't go wrong with this. Highly recommendable.
Highly recommended
Love it cleans and smells amazing. I have used 2 different fragrances and I will still recommend it.
Harpic white
One of the best on the market really keeps my toilet smelling fresh and clean whole day
Great Product
How Harpic came up with the additional bicarbonate of soda on the toilet cleaner is pure genius! I have always used Harpic toilet cleaner and would add bicarbonate of soda while cleaning to keep the toilet white!!Thank you for the innovation and saving me time and money as I now use the white & shine Harpic.
Also perfect for removing stains
Works magically. Floors shine toilet extremely white its perfect and i even used it to remove stains on my bed mattress, it works and left my mattress brand new
Clean,clean, clean
this product does what it says... white and shine... wonderful to use.
Harpic clean
Cleans effectively without brushing. Thick formula clings to the ceramic bowl and leaves it sparkling clean if you leave the product to sit. Fresh smell.
i used this for my toilet my toilet smell fresh and looks amazing clean i dont struggle to keep my toilet clean the best to use for toilet specially if you have small once that mess
this is a must in my basket every month, this clean my toilet and leaves it shinny. it works for me and I am happy to say it even smells nice. will keep on using this and it is not expensive
Harpic White & Shine Thick Bleach with Baking Soda Potpourri
Works brilliantly. Cleans well, has a great smell and kills the bacteria. Highly recommended!! This product is just great.

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