Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Men Ultra Hair Booster

4,8 5 0 75 75 Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Hair Booster Anti-Dandruff shampoo is fuelled with high performance boosters to meet the hair and scalp needs of ultra demanding men. This anti-dandruff shampoo will strengthen your hair to help it resist against premature hair loss due to dandruff and breakage.
Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Men Ultra Hair Booster


Head and shoulders for men
Bought it for my son and hubbie they love the product. Leaves the hair clean n fresh.
Husband loved this product
Loved the smell.. helped with dryness of scalp... and because it's for men... a must buy for the husband.
It makes your hair soft and shines will definitely want sample
Great results
Product showed results after first week of use. Scalp feels nourished and hair feels soft and clean. Highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with scalp concerns, wish that it was a bit easier on the wallet.
Great Product for Men
This a product specifically tailored to men and it works very well. Good bye itchy scalp and I love the freshness after using it in the morning. Good job Head and Shoulders!
Great product
It’s great for natural hair. I used it on mine and I never experienced dandruff ever again, it left the skin looking nice and soft.
Do without the itch
This is definitely not for women. I used it and made my scalp dry and itchy. My hubby seems to be fine with it
Smells great
My partner loves the smell. I love the smell. It's a trusted brand and is highly affective!
Perfect for me
I have a dry sculp. Most shampoo don't wonk on me. Only head & shoulders works for me. 3 times a week.
Itchyness no more!!
My head itches so badly when using other shampoo, and the thinly layer of dandruff on my shoulders which are so embarrasing. Started using Head and Shoulders problem dissapered.
My husband
My husband loved it it's good for his beard and hair
Best hair product
I bought theHead & Shoulders Men for my husband because his scalp always has dandruff. It's been a week and he says his scalp is not itchy anymore and no signs of dandruff. He is so happy I bought him this shampoo
Huuby Loves It
My hubby has used the Head & Shoulders shampoos for years... saw this and got for him and he loves it! says it smells so fresh and leaves his hair super soft all the time. Definitely give it a try, you wont want to use anything else.
Try it
My husband had very oily hair. We started using this product, let's just say I don't need to change pillow covers daily anymore.
Shine like a star!
My son loves the Head and Shoulders as he loves his hair neat and clean. It's fresh fragrance makes his hair shine like a star!

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