Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Suprême Smooth

4,7 5 0 357 357 Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff shampoo helps fight flakes better by moisturising the scalp and, paired with ZPT, helps keep the dandruff-fighting ingredient in its most effective form.
Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Suprême Smooth


Helped with my dry scalp, worked wonders with a few wash. I would highly recommend this to anyone struggling with dandruff
It leave your hair smooth n silky and it's excellent with dry hair
Hand and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo
I’ve had problems with a dry scalp but ever since I’ve switch to the head and shoulders shampoo my scalp has been smooth and clean, this is by far the best decision I ever made to switch to this product .
Head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo
Ive been using head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo for many years. Ive had sensitve scalp since i was a teenager with dandruff problems. This product has really worked in getting my dandrufff undercontol and i cannot go without it. Its a must buy in my household
The Best
Me and my partner both love using this product. It's the only product that does not leave our heads itching. Yay for Head and shoulders
Head and shoulders dandruff shampoo
It leaves the scalp fresh and the smile is divine. Also promotes hair growth.
H&S Anti Dandruff
Hear & Shoulders does remove dandruff very well. My scalp flakes a lot so it definitelymakes a difference. The smell is great and long lasting. My head feels so fresh and clean.
Removes dandruff
Hear & Shoulders really does remove dandruff. I have a scalp that dries quickly and flakes a lot. Using H&S has alleviated the amount of flaking I had. The smell is amazing. My head feels so fresh and clean after a H&S wash.
Works well
Does exactly what the label states. Makes my hair smooth and keeps dandruff away
Easy wash Easy clean
I like that it doesn’t leave my hair oily, does the cleaning job well and it also have a freshness smell which make me feel fresh too.
Head and shoulders
I like the smell of freshness and that clean feeling.
We usually use head and shoulders and are very happy with it. I would love to use this new product if head and shoulders.
Fresh new design
My daughter has a very dry scalp that flakes often and I could never get her to use Head and Shoulders. She refused saying it looks like medicine. Now with the new fresh look she is using it every time. Oh and the product is obviously great for flakey dry scalp.
For excellent care of natural hair
Leave hair smelling great and scalp healthy for my entire family dreadlocks hair, keeping the locks clean
My go to
This is my go to shampoo only use this for me and my family leaves your hair soft and smelling fresh no issues and nog dry skin of irritating aftermath like other shampoos love head and shoulders

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