Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner

4,6 5 0 66 66 Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner with argan oil deeply nourishes your hair from roots to tips and leaves it looking dazzling all day.
Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner


Good value for money
This product is by far the best I have ever tried on my hair. I used to have dandruff and hair problems, very full and dry and after trying this out,I have no problem with my hair.. I'm even confident enough to step out in my own crown
Soft, smooth and shiny
It makes my hair feel really soft. My work colleague recommended this conditioner to me as she knew I am prone to itchy scalp. This conditioner makes my hair smooth, don't have to use any other serums after drying. Price is very reasonable Great product to use.
Is very good
I use it because I have too much dandruff so it work wonders on my head am not scratching my head anymore
Best product
I simply love the smell of this. I instantly felt clean after showering with thisl. I would mostly recommend this to all my family and friends.Thanks a lot for a wonderful product
Love this
Hands down to this product. My whole family loves this product. I would suggest this to everyone.
Solved my problem
At one stage i had really flaky scalp with dandruff...from 2 washes it disappears i have no dandruff but i still use head and shoulders
Soft and Clean
Leaves your hair feeling soft and and clean especially if you have a dry scalp
Excellent value
My entire family loves head and shoulders the quality is amazing as well as the price point. Plus it cleans the scalp properly without stripping your head of moisture. Definitely worth it
Head and Shoulders Supreme
I recently bought this product. My hair is smooth, just like the name says. I also like the branding, looks fresh and bright. I would definitely recommend this product
dandruff free
I like all Head & Shoulders products. The clean the scalp completely, leaving it dandruff free.
Hair wash
Nourishing my hair from the root to the tip leaving a shiny line of hair follicles
Soft and shiny
Head and shoulder in general is a absolutely stunning product and i was so please to find a conditioner on the shelf. Clean soft and shiny hair what more could you want. Oh and not yo forget the lovely smell
Knot free and great conditioner with a shine and great smell. A good product and lasts long as you dont need a lot
Try this product
This conditioner gives you the supreme good feel in your hair. The tube gives it a different and exclusive feel. A must try with the shampoo. I would recommend it.
Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner
Head & Shoulders Supreme Smooth Conditioner with argan oil deeply nourishes your hair from roots to tips and leaves it looking dazzling all day.

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