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Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise
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Hellman's Tangy Mayonnaise
This is by far the most creamiest mayonnaise I have tasted, it's very light and creamy, the tanginess is just right.
Very yummy
Very tasty and yummy mayonnaise. Very good in paster and I also use it on sandwich and coleslaw salad😂. Yeah I know. I so love to try it in my food. Hmmmmmm loving it.
adds great flavor to wraps
I like trying out mixing different sauces together on wraps, mixing this together with various chilli sauces makes a great sauce base for a spicey chicken wrap
Loving it
Love the creamy texture. The flavour is fantastic a little salty and sweet, a great combination for an product that is used in every household!
One of the best
This is one of the best mayonnaise on the market, it is creamy with a tangy and can be paired with many different things
The best!
This mayonnaise is by far the best I have tasted. It has an organic taste to it, a very distinct taste that can't compare to any on the market. Oh, my husband absolutely loves it!
Absolutely love it
Its absolutely one of the best in the market Good for salads and sandwiches
I just love it. Itz great for cold salards. Like potatoe salard. Also no sour or bitter taste. Itz really light.
Love the flavour
My family love this mayonnaise. Its flavour is the perfect tanginess.
Catering delight
For catering purposes, I am yet to find a better suitable and reliable taste. Makes the perfect chicken mayo sandwich.
Yummy in my tummy
So good, and so versatile. Love that they cater for vegans as well.
Thick and creamy
My kids loved this mayonnaise. It was thick and rich. I needed something different for my potato salad and this was the perfect product
I want something for a change I tried this brand it's so delicious I will use it again my kids love the taste
Creamy n moist makes sandwiches tasty can use it on any filling
This is the best mayonnaise ive consumed,it tastes fresh,healthy and specially made. it is smooth on the tongue and gives a feeling of luxury

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