I&J Frozen Batter Crisp Hake Fillet Portions 400g

4,6 5 0 88 88 These battered hake fillets are a quick and easy meal idea for lunch or supper. Simply preheat the oven and pop them in with oven-baked fries on the side. These fillets are high in protein, as well as being juicy and delicious. It is made using a traditional recipe that is known and loved by all.
I&J Frozen Batter Crisp Hake Fillet Portions 400g


Great for the airfryer
I found this fish batter a bit oily but when made in the airfryer it does help, delicious taste.
something fishy!
wow what an excellent product great taste and easy to prepare a bit high in cost but overall a great addition to a meal
Perfect fish and no more oil
This is so delicious and easy to grill or make in airfryer without oil. A family favorite
Inconclusive about it
I recently tried this hake fillet and I’m not sure how I feel about it. It doesn’t taste like proper hake in my mouth and it’s pretty dry. I don’t think I like it much.
I &J
So tastee and delicious I love how easy it is to prepare and it doesn't take long it's so crispy and mouth watering
Very good
This a very good I love it. It has a great taste to it and is a value for your money. No big improvements can be make. I would recommend this to all my family and friend.
Not bad for a quick and easy dinner. Nice and crunchy from the air fryer to go with some chips and veg. Great value
Yummy fish
This is always easy to prepare and my whole family enjoys it
Yummydeliscious Buttercrisp Hake!
It is Yummydelicious with a crunch in your mouth!Quick and easy to prepare, Healthy and tasty with every bite and we cannot get enough of it!
Easy to cook
Its so easy to cook just put it in oven and make a salad and there you have lunch ready and it taste amazing. My family loves it and its affordable
Excellent product
The flavour is very nice the batter is crunchy and most important it is easy to read the instructions on the back of the box.
Very yummy, quick and easy to bake , the crispy hake perfect for fast lunch meal
nice fish
I am is not a big fish eater but this fish to eat taste very nice; will recommend it to friends
These Batter crisp hake fillets are EVERYTHING, I'm so glad i bought it instead of the normal fillets the othe day. Definitely crispy, amazing taste too.
Quick, easy and tasteful
Love this , especially on a day when I don't have much time to be in the kitchen and also wanting to cook a healthy meal whilst not having much time. Crispy and tasteful.

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