4,7 5 0 37 37 A flavourful combination of Lime juice and fresh leaf coriander sparked by a mild hint of chilli.
Ina Paarman's Reduced Oil Lime & Corriander Dressing
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Great product
Good option for weight watching. Great quality and superior taste.
ina paarmans lime and coriander salad dressing
absolutely refreshing goes well with a summer salad
Fresh and Lovely
Love the zesty taste on fresh salad. Perfect for making you feel healthy, the lime taste makes everything more tasteful.
What a fresh taste!! Love this product .... Makes the salad a joy to eat :)
The perfect salad dressing fpr just about any salad. Not greasy and the lemon taste is subtle.
Surprisingly good
I know Ina Paarman never disappoints but I am not the biggest coriander fan. This is really delicious and very fresh in salads. Tastes really yummy.
Ina Paarman's Reduced Oil Lime & Corriander Dressing
This is my go to salad dressing, I sometimes use it as a pour over for crumbled fish it tastes yummy. It does not get runny or watery. Recommended for salads and pour over chicken breasts and fish.
InaPaarman's lime and corriander
Love the zesty taste.its definitely one of my favourite products.Its a great compliment to any salads. The flavours are a great match.Its perfect for any gathering and takes the fuss out of making it from scratch!
Great taste
Its definantly different from the usual salad dressings that I use,it has a very distinct taste,the corriander taste comes through strongly.I enjoy it.
INA Paarman Salad Dressing
This is my favorite salad dressing...just a pity that only certain stores usually has stock thereof
Ina Paarman's Reduced Oil Lime & Corriander Dressing
Salad without this sauce will never be the same absolutely a must have when making a salad.
Too much coriander
Ina Paarman's product are normally excellent and my cupboard is filled with her spices and I have several salad dressing from the brand as well, however this particular one I did not like very much. The lime is nice as it is tangy and adds flavour, however the coriander is very strong in this dressing and the only thing I could taste was a slight hint of lime and mostly coriander.
This made me want to eat salads everyday. I was a bit apprehensive to try, as lime and coriander are both strong flavours on there own. But I was pleasantly surprised!
Now, that's a salad dressing for everyday... Top notch...
This is really great on a green salad - gives a great taste of summer.

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